Because of the new crown, the ancestors left yangko to scrap

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Not because of the new crown, the ancestors left the yangko to waste – take you to see the Yangko in western Liaoning (22) Rural areas have always had the custom of yangko in the first month of the Lantern Festival.Many in the village have yangko event, starting from the bottom of the twelfth month, in what are promising, buy clothes to buy drums convener, most of the village was the fifth to the yangko, the will on the day of the first temple worship, and a rough on street, then walk for a few days is village or township of entering a New Year, 14 began to scatter light at night, run the Yellow River, on 15th night make yuanxiao.For many years, liaoxi people have been living in this way, and so has United Village.The first month of the previous year because of the epidemic stir, the city and outside, the mountains and the countryside have not had a good year, there is an order above, do not let gather, villagers obedient even yangko also do not twist.Yangko cant twist, Yangko people in the heart hold a breath, this hold is a year.Seeing the epidemic getting better, the villagers’ hearts came alive again.Lao Hou, the head of the Association of United Village, said that the village has not had stilts for more than 20 years. Before the Spring Festival in 2021, dozens of stilt legs and new clothes will be purchased in the association, ready to have a good play in the first month. Many villagers are excited to participate in the festival, all want to enjoy the Lantern Festival.Long – lost Yangko attracted more than a dozen square mile of people.Perhaps accustomed to silence for a year, the noisy sound of gongs and drums also attracted the local administrative department, which, out of the requirements of epidemic prevention, stopped the yangko dance on the 14th day, before the stilt yangko people had enough addiction, was persuaded to remove the legs.Think impassable return impassable, but the farmer is still quite obedient, don’t let twist don’t twist.Although not in the streets during the day yangko dance, but the Lantern Festival evening activities have persisted.They said that we should not discard the tradition left by our ancestors because of the new coronas.This year’s New Year’s Eve under heavy snow, just after the fifth day of the first lunar month, the snow has not finished, Lao Hou and several people like yangko on the head of zhang Luo in front of the village culture square practice stilts.The ninth day, the village told me that the tenth stilts will be out.On the tenth day, we arrived at the united Village early.House Ouyang home just had breakfast, there is yangko people come to make up.There was no professional makeup artist in the village, so Ouyang’s wife took out some cosmetics and put them on the table. The people who came first painted their faces white, and then waited for Ouyang’s wife to paint their eyebrows and face.Look at the technique is quite rough, after the makeup, but one is quite spirit.After people gathered together in the square, under the call of the old marquis, the gong and drum rang even from the meeting.The first day of the meeting, is generally stepping on the street worship temple.Yangko team in the square after playing a bureaucratic, began to worship the temple, the middle of the villagers passing by which group will play a field in which group.Yangko team in the village walked around, see the yangko from beginning to end follow a circle.We also followed the whole process of worshiping the temple, the middle of the walk tired, an old gang driving an electric car pulled us to walk.The old man told us that he was also named Ouyang. On the way, I talked with ouyang and knew that ouyang had stone carving skills, and the couplets of a temple were his skills. He said that now he was old and a little dry, so he learned to use the computer to engrave characters.Ouyang brother can not dance yangko, but willing to help the meeting to do something, undertook the work of bookkeeping.He said there were many yangko dancers in the gang before, but now there are fewer and fewer of them.In today yangko street worship temple passing by other groups, I saw last year out of a group of the head of the meeting, their group last year out of the ground yangko, she said this year is willing to twist fewer people, not out of it.The difference between this year’s yangko dance and last year’s yangko dance is that there was no ban on lighting and firecrackers would be played there. This year’s yangko dance consists of drums and gongs.Fortunately, we can still see yangko now, otherwise, this year has no meaning.Yangko is not easy, and twist and cherish.Good recommendation