Prevention of influenza in winter (927 special tutors)

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In order to provide parents with special family education guidance during the special period, the All-China Women’s Federation launched the “Special Family Education during the Special Period” wechat column, parents can learn family education knowledge through the family education micro class.Winter flu prevention (special tutor 927) In winter, runny nose, splitting headache, nasal congestion at night can not sleep.These are the flu pot, in the face of winter, we treasure mom treasure dad how to deal with.1. Why are people prone to flu in winter?Influenza is a respiratory disease, which is mainly spread by droplets. People can easily inhale the virus into their bodies when they breathe. Then a series of infections occur, leading to the occurrence of influenza.Especially in the winter, due to the dramatic change of air, cold air to cause a decline in respiratory virus resistance, this time, the virus had an opportunity, plus the temperature fluctuation is larger, most people don’t pay attention to keep warm, wear thin and it is easy to cold, this time the body immune ability is reduced, it is easy to catch a cold.Due to the arrival of winter, the weather becomes cold, people are often reluctant to open Windows for ventilation, leading to indoor air circulation, to create conditions for the spread of the virus.2. Winter flu is rampant, which ways can cause children to get sick?Influenza virus is the main culprit, and the main host of influenza virus is poultry, in addition, there are people and other animals, etc., the main source of infection of human influenza or human itself.There are two main ways of transmission, airborne transmission and contact transmission.According to the survey, the flu virus spreads faster in cold air than in warm air, and spreads more efficiently at low temperatures.Temperature and humidity are also different in their ability to spread.3. What should we do to keep the flu virus at bay in our daily life?Winter is very cold, which also leads to the reluctance of most families to open the Windows for ventilation, resulting in the indoor air is not fresh, but microbes have a preference for such an environment, they will grow wantonly, when invading the respiratory tract will cause infection.So open the window ventilation, is conducive to reduce respiratory tract infection, but also the key to daily prevention and control, once someone in the home cold, more timely ventilation, ventilation time control in half an hour or so, especially for children with poor resistance can greatly reduce the risk of influenza.In addition to opening Windows, sun exposure can also reduce the risk of disease. Studies have shown that in sunlight, the flu virus will be inactivated for a certain period of time. Using ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, the virus can quickly destroy its ability to infect.So, the bedding in the home also wants frequently bask in, doing so is helpful for preventing the occurrence of flu.For children, enhance the resistance of the body can not only reduce the harm brought by the disease, but also meet the children’s daily physiological needs, so that children grow up.Here it is recommended that everyone exercise half an hour or so every day (heart disease baby depends on the situation), such as running, dancing, playing ball, etc., can enhance the body’s ability to resist the flu virus.The regulation on the diet at ordinary times, eat more foods high in protein and vitamins, mainly include eggs, fish, lean meat and bean products, this kind of food is helpful for digestion, absorption, can also add some essential amino acids for human body, has the very high nutritional value, can strengthen the body’s ability to keep out the cold and resistance.Eat more chicken soup.Chicken contains a lot of amino acids, which can improve the body’s immune ability.Also contains unique chemical substances, it can strengthen the blood circulation of the pharynx and strengthen the secretion of liquid in the nasal cavity, so as to protect the respiratory tract, remove the virus in the respiratory tract, to prevent influenza played a very good role.Radish in winter and ginger in summer.Radish contains more radish element, it has a very special effect on the prevention and cure of cold.Can drink some turnip juice to prevent and cure a cold.The practice of turnip juice is very simple, cut the turnip into small pieces first, squeeze out a certain amount of juice, and then add ginger juice and some sugar or honey, stir evenly, add boiled water, after cooling can drink, take two days in a row, three times a day, can achieve the purpose of preventing a cold.Drink lots of ginger tea.After catching a cold, there will be a headache, fever, runny nose and other symptoms, belonging to wind chill.Make a soup with ginger and black tea and drink it twice a day to get rid of the cold in the body and prevent colds.Low-salt diet, salt mainly contains sodium ions, which can reduce the content of lysozyme in saliva, which mainly protects the oral mucosa.Therefore, to control the intake of salt, to prevent and cure a cold has a very important role.Drink more honey water.Honey water has a lot of active substances, which can stimulate the body’s immune capacity, drink twice a day, can effectively prevent colds.We need to know that there are a lot of dirty things on hands that are easy to be contaminated with bacteria. The bacteria on hands can survive for about two days, so before eating and after going to the bathroom, we should clean our hands.Avoid contact with the source of infection, once you find someone around you with influenza, should be timely isolation and disinfection;Don’t rub your eyes or pick your nose.Try not to go to crowded places, because there are many people in the air is very dirty, found someone coughing or sneezing, should immediately away;Wearing a mask when you go out is a good way to isolate yourself.In addition, if we don’t get enough sleep, our immune system will be weakened, and all our preventive measures will fall short.Therefore, daily life habits must be regular, ensure adequate sleep, so as to have a good resistance to resist virus infection.During special periods, especially during periods of high incidence of influenza, indoor disinfection can be carried out by fumigation with vinegar.Disinfection process is as follows: close doors and Windows, dilute good vinegar on the fuel for heating, heating time for two hours or so, every other day for disinfection.This method uses vinegar molecules in the air to kill the flu virus indoors. It is simple and easy to implement at home, and there are no side effects. It is a relatively effective way to prevent the flu.Of course, the most effective and fast way to prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccine, which can make the body produce antibodies, through the antibodies to suppress the virus.The best time to get vaccinated is between September and November, and new flu shots are needed every year because of the virus’s ability to mutate.4. What should be done about children who have been infected?Be sure to rest more, if the disease is more serious or weak people should rest in bed, conducive to the recovery of the disease.After catching a cold, we must drink more warm boiled water, and the amount of water we drink is best up to 3000-5000 ml every day, to speed up the metabolism of the body and speed up the recovery of cold.Sufferers eat more fruits and fresh vegetables to increase their vitamin intake.Must ensure the circulation of indoor air, prevent the breeding and reproduction of bacteria.Have appropriate outdoor sports, so can effectively improve the immune capacity of the body, speed up the recovery of a cold.The flu in winter it is very easy to happen that will attract the attention of the masses, to give priority to in order to prevent flu, from the fundamental solution of flu, bring a better quality of life for people, relieve the discomfort of the disease, how to prevent flu, it also requires people to know, how to use a correct way to prevent flu need people to understand more, avoid flu,Start with prevention.Source: Sichuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital