Once a tree hundreds of thousands of yuan, but cuttings can be propagated, doomed to hype will fail

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In raise a flower bound, unusual flowers and plants emerge in endlessly, ever had flower price very high, be about hundreds of thousands of yuan, and this kind of flowers is not little still.Take orchids for example, Toyama strange butterfly, Treasure Island fairy, more than butterfly, Tang Shengshi, Cheng Mei and so on, many once a seedling to hundreds of thousands of yuan.But these are orchids, its planting technology requirements or quite high, especially cheng Mei, green cloud and other high-end orchids, it is difficult to grow.It is understandable that they once commanded hundreds of thousands of dollars because they were so rare.But there is a plant, its planting technology requirements are very low, cuttings can reproduce, and its branches are particularly much, such a plant is also asking hundreds of thousands of yuan a tree, destined to hype not long, it is – camellia.01 Camellia camellia is not the flower of the tea tree, it is the general name of many kinds of plants belonging to the Genus camellia of the Camellia family. It has a beautiful shape and is resistant to pruning. It can be pruned out of many beautiful shapes.If left to grow, the tree can grow up to 9 meters high, but it can also be made into a beautiful bonsai.It is also a very famous ornamental plant, its flowers are white, yellow, purple, pink, red and so on, especially the camellia inside — golden flower tea, especially beautiful, its color is golden, wild golden flower tea has been dug out, has become a national class A protected plant.Although there are many varieties of camellia, there are still some rare numbers or are considered rare, once fried to a tree hundreds of thousands of yuan.But they do not know this kind of plant cuttings can reproduce, investment speculation is destined to become “take dish man”!A lot of people invest in camellia speculation, and eventually because of the price collapse and failure, or even bankrupt.Actually, camellia itself ornamental value is very big, also easy to grow, but it doesn’t fit to hype, camellia is cheap now, very worth planting, ordinary people, after all, anyway, it is somehow also has hundreds of thousands of yuan a tree of ornamental plants, and since ancient times is ornamental flowers, in the “top ten famous flowers in China ranked eighth, historical position is not low.Camellia planting Technology The planting materials of camellia can be planted with peat, sawn wood, pine needle soil, aeolian fossil, laterite, sawed soil, vermiculite, volcanic stone, bark, etc., or above mixed matrix cultivation, but with granular planting materials remember the mixed soil planting materials, can not be planted with granular planting materials alone.Camellia in watering watering as much as possible, but not too much water, it likes a wet environment, especially when the flower buds began to grow, but not water, otherwise it may fall off the bud, causing not flowering.Camellia fertilizer can choose bone meal, oil cake, grass ash and so on, can also be planted with potassium chloride, lime phosphate and other fertilizers, but do not fertilizate when flower bud differentiation.Camellia is actually very good, the ornamental value is very large, and it once sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan, planting it is also a very respectable thing.The key is its simple planting technology, cuttings can survive.You can plant it in the ground, you can plant it in a pot, you can plant it in front of the house, you can plant it in the yard, on the balcony, on the ceiling, and so on, and when it blooms, it’s beautiful, it’s fragrant, it’s very nice.Friends: have you ever planted camellia?Do you like camellia?