DNF: Sewer professional shame, sword emperor list!This list is outrageous

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DNF: Sewer professional shame, sword emperor list!DNF spring edition has a major class balance: 34 classes removed, 8.5% improvement;[Fixed] Necromancers and Asura classes have been reworked to the Realm of Phantoms.There is also the data balance of 11 professions including Sword Emperor, creation, black wu and so on;Valkyrie and Inquisitor have been reworked.This has resulted in huge career intensity and rank changes.Post bar big guy “years long love” according to personal understanding, released, come together for reference.There are five classes that make it into the Magic List:”First asura, the second female judo, the third female fit, fourth female qigong, the fifth film” blade, sheet looks from the data, due to 34 8.5% increase to redesign and asura, female judo, qigong is increased by 8.5%, beyond the blade film career, especially the asura profession, also got huge career remakes strengthening, to break the shackles,Win the occupation of the first, a ghost swordsman hegemony.Let us shout together, “blind brother, sorry, 3 cattle group no your position”.02 Frontline occupations 6-20 and then look at the frontline occupations 10,Are “knights of the sixth, seventh blue elves, his eighth, ninth ninja, 10th the necromancer, 11 yuan walker, 12th place alloy warrior, 13th berserker, 14th the magic word, 15th shadow dance, assassin 16, 17 chaotic evil spirit, 18th dark blade, 19 in diffuse male, 20 female ammunition”.The nectarine class benefited from the class rework, which strengthened one of the main burst classes and greatly increased the damage value.The red-eye class is never weak, ranking 13th;New class alloy soldier, urgent data enhancement, middle class trotted into the first class.There are 20 second-tier occupations,”21, dark emperor, 22nd male machinery, 23 blood method, 24th hunters, 25 female sanda, 26 of qi, 27 male fit, 28th dragon knight, 29, 31 male judo, 30th elements of blasting, the 32nd showdown, 33rd miko, trial milk, of 35, 34,The 36th sword soul, the 37th male Qigong, the 38th fighting skill, the 39th female man, the 40th ice knot.Sword soul actually only 36, only 38, xiu son is absolutely do not believe, 100 level version of the end, sword soul is absolutely magic god level.Third-tier jobs 41-55 Next up are third-tier jobs,”41 creaters, 42 experts, 43 female mechanical, 44 ghost crying, 45 Paladin, 46 exorcism, 47 male sanda, 48 male street bully, 49 revenge, 50 agents, 51 Sword king, 52 female street bully, 53 seducers, 54 lightsaber sword emperor, 55 inquisitors of heresy”.05 sewer three shame was born finally sewer occupation, “56 black, 57 wind method, 58 male ammunition, 59 hidden guns, 60 great sword emperor, 61 sword shadow, 62 call”, let a person incredibly, once the super magic sword emperor, has become “sewer three shame”.06 Summary The big guy to do the data ranking, is only the calculation results of the calculator, there are many factors are not considered, this kind of light to see the data without considering the actual combat ranking, can only be referred to as the basic data, if it is as a career ranking, it is very unreliable.Planning commitment, career balance will always go on, the brothers do not need to blindly follow the wind to play magic god, carefully keep the beginner’s mind, play their favorite career can be, xiu er has been sticking to female Qigong, has become a super magic god, very happy.I am the player show, I wish the warriors abyss flash non-stop, the gold medal constantly, myth equipment see every day.