Congratulations to LNG for winning 6 games in a row and beating BLG from 1 to 2. Is Uzi really coming back?

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Today, IG vs V5 and BLG vs LNG, both of which are to make up for two.One thing to say, LNG these five people, in addition to the auxiliary green hair a little astringent, others really have the strength to win the championship.On the single Arlo has to say, since the 50 block after the event, directly rise to the top of the domestic single line.No matter it was against Bin, or against Breath brother, who has been popular in the past two years, he did not lose any wind.Just dare to hit this point, on the direct momentum pressure over the breath brother.As long as he does not float too much, the future of domestic single, he must be a top ranks to mention a member.After the all-star’s handsome one-two kill of Bin, the next airport game will show that he’s a little flapping.However, fortunately, recently returned to the state, full of details on the line, let a person look at the feast for the eyes.In the wild, he and Arlo are alike, as a fish finds water, and that water is Doinb.Now he is much more confident and energetic than before.You can hear it every time you play.Three seconds believes he is excited to be a teammate with Doinb, and from the moment Doinb joined, It zan and Arlo have definitely been dreaming of a championship.With such confidence and momentum, LNG has real promise.Middle Doinb Kim is very easy to say. He is the only player in all Chinese singles, not only in LPL, but in the whole LOL.The only gear is not operation, but consciousness and mind.When it comes to teamwork, playing games with your head, no one is his equal in this field.There is nothing wrong with him being a player of his own system.But he’s not a player like Uzi who has his own system, he’s one of those players who will walk around and help his thighs no matter which team he’s on.Therefore, in the current LPL, it is the most cost-effective to sign him. He can be the big brother, but when the big brother is easy to lose, but he likes to help the big brother, which is the key point.I believe that the upper and lower roads where he is, as long as you are willing, are the most comfortable two roads, because whether it is to send, or to help, he will not hesitate to develop, thousands of miles to the upper and lower roads.That’s where he is now.Double down the road new season is also playing very good, the only state is not afraid of the green hair.Of these five players, the biggest weakness is the green hair.May be old, some operations, really let a person see laugh non-stop.But maybe LNG wants this kind of veteran, you don’t need how good operation, but you need your experience, to help the team.LNG have now won six in a row and it’s up to them to see who can break their winning streak.Refueling, LNG, go.Let’s talk about BLG.BLG on this single piece of breathing brother to be honest, the last two or three years have not seen his highlight play.He was a top catch on the market, making $15 million, only $3 million less than the then-hot Nuguri.He was the highest paid person in China at that time.But with the same two years of fire up Bin and Arlo two contrast, always feel that he is something bad.There is no situation or momentum to turn the tide.Whether he can continue to hold a place in the apex alone depends on his play this year.Otherwise, that $15 million salary is going to have to go down a lot.Play wild this piece, say one, three seconds feel Weiwei really not lose it praise.What Weiwei needs is confidence and boldness.Now, except LQS has a big say in the team, others are very easy to get along with.Weiwei should come up with his own ideas and ideas to jointly assist in arresting people.If Uzi is on the court at this moment, let alone playing wild, no one on the team will dare to speak loudly, unless Uzi is talking to you with a smile, otherwise, based on the qualifications of the other players, there will be psychological pressure.Tiger so old seniority, even laugh to echo, others don’t think.While there is no real brother in the team now, we should take the initiative to bear a bit more.RNG’s Danye Wei is not the best in technique, but every time you listen to the voice of the RNG team, you will find that Wei is very confident, dares to command and has his own ideas, which is very important.In fact, look at the championship team in recent years, will find that playing wild in a team, how important.Most of the FMVP winners also played wild.So Weiwei wants to get up, this is the best time. When Uzi plays, your only decision will be to catch him.Let’s talk about FoFo in the middle. Facing Doinb, FoFo is really a bit contrasted.He is different from Doinb, he plays manipulation, just like tiger said, when it comes to manipulation, he only recognizes left hand and FoFo.But now it seems that the operation is really in front of the brain, nothing.Rookie is a typical rookie who uses an action when he is active, but when he is not active, just like Doinb, he can use his mind to help a teammate.This year, the left hand and FoFo’s line ability is obviously much lower than before.Obviously this year the single is back to the mage version, they should be more powerful, is bad for Doinb.But the reality is the opposite, strange.Finally talking about double down road, big dog this BO3 play is really a little bad.Every time you watch BLG play, one of the biggest concerns is whether Uzi is on.Before the game, game 2, game 3, as long as the rematch, the barrage is all up, up, up, down, uzi up.You can see how many people want to see Uzi on the court, whether it’s the fans who want to see him on the court, or the fans who want to see him on the court as a joke, it’s always the most people who want to see him on the court.But according to LQS, Uzi is not fit enough with the team.How inadequate is that?Is it really bad?Many outside fans say that his skills have declined and he will not be able to play professionally.Is it true?So what’s this wave of comebacks for?Bring your public opinion to its lowest point?All right, enough talk, BLG, let’s go.Look forward to Uzi playing, otherwise, BLG game, really not many people watch.The league schedules almost all the BLG games in prime time, and that’s how you BLG trick the league?That’s a slap in the face for the league.And that’s the latest in three seconds.Favorite family, click on the attention, fist clench.For more exciting content, follow Liu Sanseciao