Spring Walk | eight meters street spring scenery

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“This card is very good. It solved my problem in a few minutes, and now my business is up and running again.”Facing the vigorous New Year, Ms. Chen is in fine spirits, full of confidence in the future, while busy business while greeting the visiting guests.She is eight meters street an individual industrial and commercial, before the Spring Festival encountered a little capital difficulties, in the xupu agricultural commercial bank’s help, smooth settlement.Located in Longtan Town xupu County eight meters street, is a typical inclusive financial “demonstration street”, to move from the town of Yunpan village, Longquan village and other areas to the main business households, large flow of people, more businesses.To this end, Longtan town government staff and xupu Rural Commercial Bank Longtan sub-branch door to door collection of merchant information, publicity financial knowledge, take the initiative to understand the difficulties and capital needs in the business.”The earboat Commercial Bank loan was really a reprimanded earboat. It was not easy for us to run a small business as a farmer, so my grocery store turned the corner.”Winter streets, bustling, 50 years old this year, Ms. Chen is full of energy.She was originally a villager in Longquan Village, Longtan Town, and came back from other places to work in 2018 to run a small shop.After several years of operation, her business has gradually picked up.Years ago, because his son needs money to get married, the stock of working capital appeared difficulties, this can be sad Ms. Chen.Ms Chen is scratching her head for the funds to worry about, steeply agricultural Commercial Bank “financial visiting team” into Ms. Chen’s grocery.After learning of her financial difficulties, the bank’s staff recommended her a “rural revitalization card” product.Under the guidance of the “financial visiting team”, Ms. Chen only took a few minutes to apply for a loan of 50,000 yuan, easing the financial problem.”It’s really convenient. At first, I thought I would have to go to the bank several times to get a loan, but IT only took me a few minutes to get a loan through the operation of my mobile phone, which solved my urgent need. Thank you so much!”Ms. Chen held the hands of the staff of rural Commercial Bank, overjoyed.With financial support, merchants are more and more confident, more and more active business.According to reports, in 2021 so far, xupu agricultural commercial bank “financial visiting team” cumulative visits to eight meters street 400 households, issuance of loans 497, new customers 300.It is reported that in order to provide people with financial support close to people’s livelihood and service for rural revitalization, “let ‘credit’ become ‘dividend’ and use technology to improve efficiency. As the” Demonstration street “merchants assessed by RURAL Commercial Bank, they will enjoy more preferential financial service policies in terms of loan quota and loan interest rate.Eligible “Demonstration street merchants” do not need mortgage and guarantee, as long as their credit is good, they can obtain the credit line, do the loan.To build “inclusive finance demonstration street”, just as the main force of local finance, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, help rural revitalization, benefit the people in an epitome.In recent years, in order to further implement the rural revitalization strategy, the bank has promoted product and service innovation in accordance with local conditions and continuously extended the scope of services. It has launched credit products to support rural economic production, such as “Xingpig Loan”, “entrepreneurship loan”, “citrus loan”, “farmers benefit Guarantee” and “rural revitalization card”, to support the development of ecological agriculture.”We actively practice inclusive finance, get close to farmers, industrial projects, small and micro enterprises, and send financial knowledge and products to help financial services go beyond the network to the fields, providing stronger financial support for the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas.”Hunan Province association huaihua office party members, deputy director, secretary of the Party Committee of Upu Rural Commercial Bank, chairman dunjian told reporters that the spring tide is a year, they will further intensify efforts to encourage rural development.Copyright to the original author all rights reserved, pay tribute to the original