In the new era, what is the meaning of opening “Baling Lecture Hall” in Yueyang?

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“Learning is the path to the inheritance of civilization, the ladder to the growth of life, the foundation for the consolidation of political parties and the prosperity of the country,” said Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China.The CPC attaches great importance to learning and is good at learning.It is also a successful experience in advancing the cause of the Party and the people.On the afternoon of February 14, the first “Baling Lecture Hall” began.Yueyang Daily all media reporter Tang Qing on February 14, the Municipal party committee, municipal government sponsored, organized by the Municipal Party committee organization Department “Baling lecture hall” in Yueyang first.On February 15th, two “Baling Lecture Halls” were held in succession, teaching objects for municipal leaders and main leaders of municipal administration.On February 16th, the fourth phase of “Baling Lecture Hall” continued to open. More than 430 people from the municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning and other related units attended the lecture.Three days, four lectures, every seat full, thunderous applause.New ideas, new concepts and new methods, like spring breeze and rain, bring infinite vitality and vitality to baling land.In the new era, what is the meaning of opening “Baling Lecture Hall” in Yueyang?That’s where we got a look.At present, we stand at a new historical starting point of the second Centenary Goal.In the new era, there are new situations and new thinking. How to respond to the new situation and implement the new thinking, and how to build a contingent of high-quality and professional leading officials, all of which need to be studied and put into practice.The opening of “Baling Forum” is not only the call of The Times, but also the practical need of political ability, professional level and practical ability to do well in yueyang’s work in the new era.At present, the century-old changes are accelerating under the impact of the pandemic, and the external environment is becoming more complex, grim and uncertain.Faced with numerous tests on the way forward, how can we overcome difficulties, risks and challenges from all sides?General Secretary Xi Jinping has told us that the only way to do this is to strengthen our own capabilities.To enhance skills, we need to strengthen our study. We should not only apply the knowledge we have learned to practice, but also increase our new problem-solving skills in practice.In the new period, it is necessary to grasp the overall situation of reform, development and stability and do all kinds of work well in order to build Yueyang into a worthy sub-central city of the province.In particular, new, higher and more stringent requirements have been put forward for leading cadres’ working skills.Yyrbjh noticed that Baling Lecture Hall is an innovative class set up by Yueyang to bid for “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” of provincial Party Committee and upgrade “Baling Famous Teacher Lecture Hall” under the new situation.The aim is to improve the political ability, strategic vision, professional level and performance ability of cadres to grasp the new stage of development, implement the new concept of development, construct a new pattern of development, and promote high-quality development.It is not only a high-end lecture hall for the active study and application of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, but also an important position for our city to strengthen the education and training of cadres.”Baling Lecture Hall” will closely focus on hot issues of economic and social development,Careful organization of urban and rural planning and construction, multi-level capital market, foreign trade development, the innovation drive can assign a high quality development, deepen the interior reform and opening up, construction of the Yangtze river in the green corridor of economic development, optimize the environment of business innovation, free trade zone development and the open economy, “achieved” park high quality development, financial innovation and capital operation such as key lectures.Fang Ming lectured on “Baling Lecture Hall”.In the first lecture, Fang Ming, president of The Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design, made in-depth explanation on urbanization, urban economy, public services, urban renewal, cultural tourism, urban style, smart low-carbon, county development, rural revitalization and other aspects in the new era.With vivid, the image language, vast and beautiful pictures, real, visible case, combining the reality of yueyang city, covering the ground from the formation, introduces the advanced cities gather and evolution the process of take-off, share the feeling about city work, without reservation to depict the blueprint for the future development of the city.The lecture is both theoretical and practical. It is a feast of senses and thinking, with far-reaching significance.In the following lecture, Yang Mingwei, the second-level inspector of Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, interpreted the basic connotation of foreign trade, introduced the development of foreign trade in the province during the 13th Five-Year Plan, pointed out the advantages and problems of yueyang’s foreign trade development, and put forward countermeasures and suggestions for speeding up the development of foreign trade in Yueyang.Yang Mingwei’s lecture is simple and rich in connotation, especially the countermeasures and suggestions are valuable and weighty, which has a strong practical guiding significance for our city to do the foreign trade work of the whole city.Stock exchange chairman, hunan Cheng the sunrise Yi Weihong, dean of school of business from what is a multi-level capital market, why docking multi-level capital market and how to joint capital markets made a wonderful teaching three plates, the top design picture for government departments to understand the capital market and the future direction and concrete scheme design is suitable for this region’s path,Guiding enterprises to carry on capital operation has a strong reference value..After listening to the lecture in Baling Lecture Hall, the students expressed that they should press the “start button, fast forward button”, strengthen their responsibility in learning and practice, realize teaching and learning in the discussion and exchange, and effectively transform the learning effect into a strong driving force for comprehensively implementing the strategic positioning and mission of “three high and four New”.Strive to compose the yueyang chapter of the construction of modern Hunan to make new and greater contributions!There will be many more such lectures in baling Hall this year.Yyrbjh learned that in principle, “Baling Lecture Hall” is held twice a month, mainly for leading cadres, adhere to the principle of “what to do, what to learn, what to lack, what to fill”, closely follow the party and the state’s major decision-making and deployment, closely follow the central work of the Party committee and government, closely meet the needs of cadres to perform their duties,Focusing on theoretical study, Party spirit education, high-quality development, ability improvement, situation and policy, we regularly invite national well-known experts and scholars, actual combat leaders, top leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs, advanced individuals to effectively improve the political ability, professional level and actual combat ability of the city’s leading cadres.Our Party relied on learning to create history, but more importantly, to rely on learning to move towards the future, which is precisely the meaning of the “Baling Lecture Hall”.As “ba ling lecture hall” speak constantly, course also will continue to upgrade, its ideological content, practical, professional, interactive, will become the city’s leading cadres normalized important platform of “charge”, is bound to set off a wave of learning in the city, yueyang struggled to build real provincial deputy centre city also have more deep and lasting power.Yueyang Daily all media reporter: Liu Zhiheng Photographer: Tang Qing