The classic masterpiece that ten thousand people collect “supreme honour small divine doctor”, be arranged clearly

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Chapter 1 pull up a little when Zhou Wending woke up, only to hear a loud voice, opened his eyes to see that he was lying on the grass, a beautiful woman is helping himself bandaged.The other party did not find that he woke up, but also seriously to help him bandage the wound, Zhou Wending is trying to speak, his eyes widened.The woman knelt on the grass and looked up her white, round legs…She is the new doctor in the village, heard that what is to support the medical personnel in remote mountainous areas, to be stationed in baihua village for at least a year, called Chen Suzhen, is a white and clean woman, very beautiful, the figure is also very full, but the waist is thin, the hook curve makes the bachelor in the village very eager to jump on the arch.Some even said that if Dr. Chen was willing to let him cheat, he would gladly die!But she was married and her father-in-law was a big shot in the city, so no one really thought much of her.Zhou Wending is not familiar with Chen Suzhen, but because he is a famous outstanding student in the village, Chen Suzhen is very fond of him.And the usual Zhou Wending is not honest, often say some dirty words, make the village girls daughter-in-law blush ear red.Although Chen Suzhen does not like him in front of other women mouth flower, but to his person or trust, usually will talk to him.Today, when she heard that he had caught a bad man and was injured, she said nothing but picked up the medicine box and ran over. Seeing that he had been stabbed like this, she felt faint pain in her heart and immediately helped him to get treatment.Fortunately, the other side of this knife a bit of the slant, no life danger.Is bandaging, Chen Suzhen felt wrong, turned a look, then saw Zhou Wending that straight eyes, and the silly flow of saliva.She did not realize that he was peeping at her, but was very surprised because he woke up and said, “Wen Ding, you are awake, how do you feel?””Very well, very well!Zhou Wending said unconsciously.”What?Ah…You bastard!”Chen Suzhen stayed for a while and then followed his eyes and knew what he was looking at!This little bastard is eating my tofu!Although her voice was not very loud, it drew attention, and immediately someone approached and called, “Dr. Chen, what’s wrong?”Chen Suzhen fixed a calm mind, hate to stare zhou Wending one eye, said: “Nothing, I am to scold those bastard so cruel, almost will wending killed.”Then she said to Zhou Wending in a low voice, “Little one, look at me gouging your eyes out again!”Zhou Wending also knew that she was wrong, lamenting said: “Sister Su Zhen, I didn’t mean it, I just woke up and saw…But really, you’re beautiful!”Chen Suzhen glared at him one more time, blushed and whispered: “My eyes are going to fall out of my head. It’s not intentional. Do you want me to pull my skirt up a little so that you can see more clearly?”Zhou Wending big, red face, but also secretly swallow swallow saliva……(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!