Qiligou Street: Nucleic acid testing for all staff was organized

2022-06-29 0 By

“Fellow residents, please standardize wearing masks, two people one meter apart, line up, do not jump the queue, take your time, don’t worry……””Ah — open your mouth wider, please.””I’ve done it all, and you haven’t?Hurry along, you saw less people over there.”On the evening of March 28, after receiving the instruction of nucleic acid testing for all staff from the superior, Qiligou Street immediately held the Party committee and work deployment meeting to make careful analysis, rapid implementation and quickly determine the nucleic acid testing scheme for all staff, laying a solid foundation for the smooth nucleic acid testing for all staff.In the evening, nucleic acid testing was carried out at 8 nucleic acid collection sites in Qiligou Street.In each point of the total nucleic acid detection, street workers and more than 100 agencies and community health workers do their job, close cooperation, set up the warning line, registration personnel information collected, and the maintenance, to help generate qr code, patience to solve mass confusion, led the medical personnel enter a collection for disabled persons.As a medical staff of nucleic acid sampling, she was not afraid of boring and repetitive actions, patient guidance, rapid sampling, warm and thoughtful.At the same time, there is no lack of enthusiastic people, publicity and guide neighbors to cooperate with nucleic acid testing.(Source: Quanshan District People’s Government website)