Chen Ting late at night, lamented zhang Yimou’s hard work, do not support him when the opening ceremony director

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Chen Ting, the wife of zhang Yimou, captured the public’s attention early today (Feb 14) by Posting on her social media platform about zhang’s hardships as the chief director of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Chen Ting late at night, lamented zhang Yimou’s hard work, do not support him when the opening ceremony director.At the beginning of the article, Chen ting directly said that because she had been holding it in her heart for so long, she chose to publish this article to open her heart and talk about zhang Yimou’s hard work in the Winter Olympics.As a wife, She said she did not support her husband to be the general director of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics at first, because the pressure and hardships of 2008 were unprecedented, and her husband is 70 years old and his physical strength is gradually declining.Compared with honor and praise, I only hope that my husband can be healthy and accompany my family for a long time.Many netizens sympathized with her and understood her feelings as a wife.It can be seen from the post that Zhang yimou has a full schedule every day, working all the time except sleeping, sometimes even staying up for work.Holiday to the family to eat a meal, Chen ting feel are a bother to her husband, because her husband’s time delay to take a rest again, he say her husband is “self-harm type” working rhythm, their every day he suddenly fell on the edge of the scary, want to do something for her husband is powerless, the feeling is very frustrated.In the final months of the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang was able to speak only on medication and kept up his workload even when he had a high fever.His wife Chen Ting pointed out that what her husband paid for his success was a normal life, rest time, health and life.Between the lines, the image of a wife full of love to her husband springs out on the page, also let everyone feel the deep love between them.Chen ting and Zhang Yimou have known each other for 23 years and have faced many ups and downs together. They also have two sons and a daughter.For various reasons, the couple only registered their marriage in 2011.In 1999, Chen Ting and Zhang Yimou met and fell in love at the age of 18.She gave up her career to be the woman behind Zhang Yimou, creating a warm family atmosphere and providing comfort and support for her husband.Chen is also criticized for her relationship with Zhang Yimou. After all, she is 31 years younger than Zhang Yimou, and their status is very different.At that time many people think Chen Ting is to do not have a purpose just and Zhang Yimou are together, face the gossip of the outside world, the Chen Ting that lies in the age of flower season also is confused wander, still firm oneself determination nevertheless, do zhang Yimou backside woman.They met and fell in love with each other for 23 years, still love as before, with practical action to block the long public mouth of the outside world.Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting get along with the mode is “male main outside, female main inside”, Zhang Yimou outside struggle career;Chen Ting took care of the family, husband and children;The two understand each other and work together to create a good environment for the children to grow up.In his busy work schedule, Zhang Yimou will also spare time to accompany his wife, celebrate her birthday, and take his wife and children out to enjoy rare parent-child time.Chen also enjoys the rare time with her husband.When Chen Ting turned 40, Zhang Yimou took time to celebrate his wife’s birthday.Wearing a wreath, Chen Ting looked like a young girl, smiling happily with her husband and children, and her heart should be satisfied.She also posted on social media: “At 40, I firmly believe that as long as there is love in your heart, you will find tenderness.”Chen remembered every birthday of Zhang Yimou. Even if her husband couldn’t come home due to work, she would post a post on social media to celebrate his birthday on time. She could feel her deep love for her husband across the screen.As time goes by, children grow up gradually and one day they will leave their parents.In this situation, Chen Ting more and more cherish and Zhang Yimou’s love of husband and wife, hope they can stay together forever.Although Chen Ting and Zhang Yimou are 31 years old, after years of getting along with each other, they have long regarded each other as the most important person in life. This affection is deep and cultivated for many years.Zhang Yimou also want to take care of his health after work, do not let his wife Chen Ting so anxious.Health is the capital of revolution, only health can talk about the future, otherwise everything is utopian.Finally, I wish Zhang Yimou good health, career on a higher level, and his wife’s feelings sweet, accompanied forever.