Attention!Basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees in Shandong province will suspend some social services from February 26

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On February 15, shandong people club hall’s announcement, according to the human resources and social security ministry about basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees work plan for the national information system as a whole, the social insurance management information system of shandong province is scheduled for February 26, 2022 0 to 20 March 24 when downtime, migrating data to the national endowment insurance plan as a whole information system,During the period of the province, some people and social services suspended.The relevant announcements are as follows:A, downtime system influence the entire province all levels of government and related business service hall, one club (social security) hall, inductrial injury medical establishment that decide a dot, and the social public service platform, the country’s social insurance public service platform, e-government service network in shandong province, shandong love the app, free net phone WeChat small program, China construction bank self-help all-in-one province TongZha, down on the bank net of social securityThe use of offline and online service channels, such as some people’s social services assisted by the dot, online offices, mobile apps, wechat and self-service terminals, has been suspended.The businesses affected or suspended include :(1) all the businesses of the province’s basic endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational annuity, industrial injury identification and labor ability appraisal;(2) Industrial injury insurance medical (rehabilitation) service agreement Institution Industrial injury medical (rehabilitation) cost network settlement business;(3) employment and entrepreneurship subsidies, vocational training subsidies, identification of people with employment difficulties, application for training courses and qualification examination of entrepreneurship guarantee loans, etc.At 0 o ‘clock on March 21, all business services will be fully restored to normal.(I) The social insurance treatment business that is not handled in time during the shutdown shall be handled first after the system is restored, without affecting personal rights and interests;(2) The medical expenses of the injured workers hospitalized in the designated medical institutions during the shutdown shall be recorded by the designated medical institutions and settled according to the normal process after the system is restored;(3) Regular benefits of endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance and occupational annuity that should be paid in March 2022 should be paid in February ahead of schedule;(IV) As of 0 o ‘clock on February 21, 2022, the application for relationship transfer of basic endowment insurance and occupational annuity shall be stopped;Enterprises and institutions that have completed the “social security check and payment” collection business before the shutdown will not be affected by the payment in the tax department;Flexible employment personnel and residents who have completed insurance registration before the shutdown will not be affected when they apply for self-declaration and payment at the tax department;(7) The insured units and individuals in urgent need of social security participation certificate can go to the social security business office during the shutdown;(viii) During the downtime, you can apply for labor capacity appraisal by mail or to the office window, and the information will be recorded after the system is restored;(ix) During the shutdown period, the employer, injured workers or their close relatives, and trade unions can normally apply for industrial injury identification through offline service channels such as Windows.Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the system switch.If you have any questions, please dial 12333 (area code +12345 for Jinan, Zaozhuang, Weifang and Liaocheng).Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Wang Xiaohan correspondent Fan Hongyan