Yiwu Wuai has been confirmed and has been closed?Reporter verification: department rumor

2022-06-28 0 By

On the evening of March 23, the reporter noticed some online social platforms, some netizens posted a video, saying that Wuai in Yiwu confirmed cases, Wuai, Beixiazhu and other places have been closed.On the morning of March 24, the reporter immediately sought confirmation from relevant departments and confirmed that the information posted by netizens was not true. At present, there are no confirmed cases in Yiwu, and there is no containment or control area.Here, I also remind netizens that the epidemic prevention information should be subject to official release, and do not spread rumors, do not believe in rumors, and do not spread rumors. Meanwhile, I hope that the general public should consciously establish the awareness of the rule of law, enhance the ability to distinguish, and work together to fight the epidemic.The Yiwu police will also severely investigate and punish any illegal act that spreads false information about the epidemic and will not tolerate it.It is reported that since March 21, Yiwu police have investigated and handled 13 illegal cases related to the epidemic and punished 15 people.