Leaving Hong Kong for Singapore?Royal Caribbean cancels flights to Hong Kong for rest of season….

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Hong Kong today added a thousand, I believe that readers and huan Jiang’s heart as heavy.As the fifth wave of COVID-19 continues, the famed Royal Caribbean cruise ship has been plagued by two cases of repositive symptoms and confirmed cases of COVID-19.Today, Royal Caribbean announced in a surprise announcement that it will cancel the rest of its international cruises to Hong Kong in the 2022 season.Has the epidemic hit Hong Kong hard yet to recover, and a new wave has begun?In a statement, Royal Caribbean said the cancellation was primarily due to the ongoing pandemic and uncertainty in Hong Kong, which will affect the company’s commitment to creating a memorable travel experience.Bert Hernandez, Greater China president of Royal Caribbean International, said the decision to cancel Ocean Spectrum for the rest of the season was “the most prudent decision,” adding that Royal Caribbean has made great efforts since being allowed to resume operations and does not want to put passengers on future trips in difficult circumstances.Passengers booked on Royal Caribbean ocean Spectrum from Hong Kong will be offered a full refund, including port fees and charges, the statement added.The rest of the business moves to Singapore which city will Hong Kong turn to after the end of the remaining voyage?Royal Caribbean International will move to Singapore.Previous information shows that the cruise company did not have a smooth operation in Hong Kong last year. The high Seas cruise resumed in July 2021, but the operation was affected due to the epidemic prevention policy.Then, in October, a crew member of the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Spectrum of the Seas was diagnosed with the virus. The voyage was cancelled and the high seas cruise was suspended for 21 days.In early January, nine close contacts of Omicron’s confirmed group boarded the Ocean Spectrum, which was required by the CHP to turn back to the cruise terminal.After January 9, 12, 14 and 17 departures in Hong Kong sea cruise cancelled.Star Tours announced last month that it would begin automatic liquidation after being founded half a century ago, while Genting Hong Kong, the parent company of Star Dream Cruises, also filed for provisional liquidation due to financial difficulties, meaning it is unclear when the two cruise lines will be able to resume high seas travel again.The chairman of the Hong Kong Travel Agency Owners’ Association, Mr Yip Ching Ning, said that in the face of the new round of epidemic in Hong Kong, the anti-epidemic fund was of little value to the major travel agencies. He hoped that the government would reopen international and local Tours so that the industry could still have room to operate.(Ye Qingning) of Ye Qingning refers to that the current large travel agency by hundreds of staff reduction below 30 people, assume that a new round of epidemic disease resistant fund issue each licensed travel agents with 50000, 7500 yuan every employee, even a small travel agency also can support two to three months, but even if the stars is expected to can obtain one million yuan of subsidies, is still small.(Author huan Jiang)