How important is it for a man to find a sensible wife?Just look at his story

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I am a reader of Ye Zijun. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about what I saw during the Spring Festival.I am from C city of this province and work in the provincial capital.This New Year’s day back to C City, saw a long distance old friend Ma Ming, drink and eat midnight snack, reminisce and complain.Ma Ming is my hometowner and college classmate. When he was working in the provincial capital, we often went out to have a midnight snack and drink beer.At that time, Ma Ming worked in a provincial state-owned enterprise when he was in the provincial capital. He had a promising future and a rich income, which made me envy the public institution of Qingshui Yamen.Good times do not last long, see career is about to take off, Ma Mingyuan in C city’s parents body and spirit have a little situation, in C city he is powerless.After a long time of entanglement, the only child of his determination to apply for transfer to the branch of C city, home to develop.After Ma Ming returned home, only when I went back to C city during the Spring Festival or he came to the provincial capital for business, we rarely met each other and had some night beer.After he returned to C city, we found wives and became fathers one after another, opening a new chapter in our lives.This New Year’s Day is the first time we meet after two years of separation.I have not been back to C city for two years because of the epidemic.As Ma Ming sat in front of me on the third night of the Chinese New Year and began to confide over a few beers, I realized that my good brother had had a difficult few years.Investigate its reason, the summary comes down to a word: daughter-in-law is too “make”, make to already seriously affect his career development, affect happiness index.Ma Ming met his daughter-in-law, Xiao Yu, on a blind date. She was a teacher at a college in C City. She was two years younger than ma Ming.Fall in love when two people character three view accord, that call a sweet.Both of them were old, and they had similar economic bases, so they talked for a short time and soon got married.Their home is a full set of downtown marriage house, the woman’s parents also atmosphere, the initiative married a BMW, everything is close to perfect before getting married.However ma Ming discovers very quickly after getting married, her disposition has too much defect, hide well when fall in love, expose gradually after getting married.For example, Ma Ming found that She had a strong desire for control, and lacked a sense of security. She could not stand the social entertainment and overtime work that Ma Ming needed.Specific performance is, Ma Ming said tonight to socializing, less than a string of questions: who are there?Are there any female colleagues?Will you go to KTV after drinking?At which hotel?Which private room?In social intercourse, less than will also keep asking him: should come back?When will you be back?Take some pictures of who was there.Ma Ming in social intercourse which can always look at the phone?Once a message is not returned in time, smaller calls will frantically come, often dozens of missed calls.Not only calls, but also visits.Say to work overtime, less than on the company to find, directly into the office to sit and wait for him to come off work.Say dinner party, if 9 o ‘clock in the evening do not go home, less than the hotel address of ma Ming said to go in to find someone.Regardless of a table of people how to look, directly into the pull of Ma Ming will take him away.Several times later, his “henpecked wife” story spread in the company, everyone laughed at him, over time, the boss did not ask him to go to social parties.Selling as a state-owned enterprise, being insulated from social activities meant almost no money, and Ma Ming was distressed as his performance began to decline.Small but can be happy, the husband can finally wish to stay at home with their own.03 Ma Ming thought that she could stop working overtime and socializing, but unexpectedly, she started to do something new — The mobile phone of Chamming.All the women’s names or profile pictures in Ma Ming’s wechat account, she would click on the chat records, and then hold them and ask Ma Ming who this is, and who that is.Ma Ming was less than suffocating like love tied out of breath, he wanted to talk to less than, less than but plausely said: “This is I love you, care about you, you want to cherish.You’ll cry when I leave you.”At this point, less than found herself pregnant.The whole family is happy to hear this good news, only Ma Ming, in the happy more than a little worry.Sure enough, less than after pregnancy more “for”, not only increased the strength of the inspection, the mood also became ups and downs, a little dissatisfaction on the cry.Ma Ming in order to settle for her, coax a good fetal, almost gave up all colleagues social and entertainment, gave up the opportunity to take off the career, finally changed a little ear clean.In the uneasy and oppressed, the daughter-in-law finally gave birth to her daughter, this next family of three seems to be more satisfactory.But daughter-in-law maternity leave at home with her daughter’s day, is more nightmare for Ma Ming.She will almost all the center of gravity are focused on their own body, nothing on their own time off work, home dry work, her daughter cried have no active coax.During work hours, he would call and cry about being tired and having a backache and send him home early, regardless of the fact that he was at the critical stage of his career rise.His daughter cried in the middle of the night, and the next day there was an important debriefing conference, but his daughter-in-law kicked him up to let him coax his daughter, from 3 o ‘clock to 7 o ‘clock in the middle of the night, and he ate a lot of blind eyes.When the child is 4 months old, Ma Ming Company will organize an outing, and family members can be brought.Ma Ming kindly let her daughter to take a walk, by the way know his colleagues, understand his usual working environment.Did not expect less than the audience with a face, but also like a xianglin sister-in-law with female colleagues ridicule Ma Ming of all kinds of evil, the scene once embarrassed to zero.Less than a move more unique, once with Ma Ming conflict, will run to Ma Ming parents home to cry.Knowing that the old and the old are not in good health, but all times make wind and rain, chicken fly dog jump, several times ma Ming mother blood pressure soared.Ma Ming said with a bitter smile: I can feel her strong resentment towards me, but I am very confused, I have been working hard, and even do not know where I am wrong, how to do her satisfaction!Can you imagine me coming home after a hard day, only to find her grimacing and trying to pick a fight with me?Can you understand the number of times I tried to talk to her and tell a joke, only to be blocked by the roll of her eyes?If all she wants is for me to be a family man, then so be it.Can unluckily she is in material, the man’s career request is quite high, hope I be an omnipotent superman, that I really can’t do.On the one hand, she complained that he was too busy with his work to take care of the children, and that she was tired to the waist.On the other hand, he was criticized for not being able to pay too low, often said that the same age who are annual salary of two or three hundred thousand, and his ma Ming just earn so much, hurt her daughter even imported milk powder can not drink, the next private kindergarten dare not think.At present, her daughter is less than a year old, which is a lovely time. Ma Ming does not want to go home after work every day, just want to escape the suffocating family atmosphere.He was so tired of the marriage that he just wanted to get away.Due to family discord, he could not focus on his business and his work performance was worse than before he got married.Chastised for several bungling mistakes, he had anticipated his imminent marginalization.He said he was a failure: in his career, his income was only one third of the original after he returned to C City, and he became a laughingstock among colleagues because of housework chores.On the family, the family is not good for husband and wife, parents an age also worry about him;Although his daughter is lovely, he is not confident that he can always give her a complete home.The saddest part is, there’s no way to take the next step.Divorce is impossible, the daughter is so small, the wife also did not make what substantive error, dare to mention divorce himself is Chen Shimei, changed the heart of the big bad guy.It is impossible to change. After nearly two years of marriage, we have talked about everything we should talk about.After finishing the manuscript, Ye Zijun said a few words from his heart.Big New Year, should not let everyone see such a heavy human story, but it is too real, real to countless times I saw my own shadow.I think this story if let less than, must be completely different appearance, Ma Ming at home must be insufficient, which aroused less than’s anger.However, what matters can not be negotiated first and resolved peacefully?Life is hard. Being a mother is not easy. Being a father is not easy.A man with a sense of responsibility will naturally have pressure and difficulties in his career and for his wife and children.Although I hate the “marry a wife to marry a good woman” in the perspective of men, after all, in modern society, women are no longer appendages but independent individuals.But I have to admit, in this story, beow-the-wife did a terrible job.After the husband and wife are married, they are a community of interests.A basic sense of trust, communication and understanding are essential.And less than selfish extreme, lack of trust, regardless of the overall situation of the practice, no doubt in the ma Ming to push out, let the small family from happiness more and more far.In the New Year, I hope we can learn from this negative lesson in our families, and further empathize with each other so that family and harmony can prosper.(Contributor: Rayas.Ye Zijun text collation, painstaking efforts, plagiarism will investigate!= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I am Ye Zijun, establishment more than ten years of practice, said steadfast work experience, and teach you from the pit.Focus on me, let you grow up faster ~