The first declaration of origin issued after the Protocol to upgrade the China-New Zealand FREE Trade Agreement came into force

2022-06-27 0 By

The first declaration of origin issued after the Protocol to upgrade The China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (FTA) came into force was issued in Guangxi today.With the self-issued declaration of origin, a batch of goods worth about $325,000 exported by the Guangxi company enjoy zero-tariff preference in New Zealand.Compared with the original FTA, the Upgraded Protocol further improves the quality and efficiency of China-New Zealand FTA on the basis of RCEP. One of its highlights is the introduction of the management system for approved exporters under the PREFERENTIAL trade Agreement.Zeng Yan, head of an enterprise in Guangxi:We nanning customs recognized as “approved exporters” enterprise, can choose according to enjoy a degree of hui autonomous issue the sino-new Zealand fta statement of origin or RCEP statement of origin, to go to the visa agency for certificate of origin, save a lot of time and manpower cost, companies can be more flexible to arrange production and shipment, help us to further develop the international market.In order to help enterprises make full use of the overlapping policies of the Upgrade Protocol and RCEP, Nanning Customs strengthened the organization and implementation of rules of origin and the management of visa functions, carried out policy research on RCEP and their respective trade agreements, and guided enterprises to make full use of the facilitation measures of independent declaration of origin.Liu Shaowen, deputy director of Guilin Customs Comprehensive Business Department of Nanning Customs Office, said that the Customs will carry out in-depth actions to help enterprises and benefit enterprises, implement various customs trade facilitation measures with high standards, ensure the effectiveness of preferential rules of origin, promote industrial upgrading, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market.