The Olympic Spirit of Winter Olympics Community: A high-quality community of common governance, sharing and integration with the public

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Introduction The Winter Olympic Community is located in Gaojing Road community, Guangning Street, Shijingshan District. It is a community where members of boCOG carry out “double registration” for in-service party members.In 2020, with the overall organization of Guangning Sub-district and the full support of Shijingshan Sub-Bureau of Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission, tsinghua Tongheng responsible planning team carried out the overall spatial renewal and upgrading planning of the community around the concept of “Winter Olympics make the city better”.The updated and upgraded Winter Olympics community will become an important window to publicize excellent culture, display the achievements of winter Olympics construction, pass on the name card of Beijing city and represent the image of Shijingshan.On May 11, 2019, the opening ceremony of “Winter Olympic Community” was held in Shijingshan District as the 1,000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Gaojing Road community in Guangning Subdistrict became the first community awarded the “Winter Olympic Community” in China.Winter Olympics community is located in the west of Shijingshan District of Beijing, adjacent to The Yongding River with Mentougou District, about 10 kilometers away from the Shijingshan District government, about 2 kilometers away from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, only one street apart.Quang ninh streets as the Beijing games organizers recently streets, with the aid of the games organizing committee in the shijingshan district of geographical advantages, mining the humanities resources, project construction of Beijing municipal party committee municipal government and the games organizing committee endorsed, got the shijingshan district government, city planning and natural ZiYuanWei shijingshan branch, the shijingshan district development and reform commission (NDRC), quang ninh streets and so on a number of government departments at all levels to support,Integrate the Olympic spirit into the community, and jointly build a brand, taste, ideal, distinctive community.Located in the core of Gaojing Road community, the Winter Olympics Community Culture and fitness Square covers an area of about 4000 square meters, with numerous communities around the site. Dianzhou Road Primary School and Gaojing High School are adjacent to the south of the site. More than 2000 families and 4900 residents live in this community.As an open space at the core of the community, the Winter Olympics Cultural Square is an important display window for the community to respond to the call of “driving 300 million people to go to the ice and snow”. It will shoulder the mission of showing the appearance of the community, publicizing the Winter Olympics culture and improving the quality of life of residents, and is the benchmark project of “Making the community better for the Winter Olympics”.The renewal and upgrading of community parks needs to solve many problems such as living, culture, environment and facilities, which is a systematic, comprehensive and complex collaborative work.Drawing on diverse wisdom, integrating various forces and engaging in consultation is the way forward for renewal work.Residents are the owners of this space and have personal feelings and experiences, which provide them with opportunities to discuss the future of “home”. Designers can not only listen to the real voice and find the real demands, but also stimulate residents’ civic awareness, enhance their sense of belonging and gain, and build a foundation for the sustainable development of the community.Listen to ideas and Suggestions of the children’s home, it is necessary to the continuation of the memory, the continuation of life memory and way of life, with the new community life square pavilion at the beginning of the community construction, community is invaluable and witness to the growth and development, and people playing chess, enjoy the cool, accumulation point of daily communication, bearing the weight of the life of warm memories.Artistic performances are the traditional characteristics of gaojing Road community.More than ten municipal and district-level cultural performances and daily cultural activities are held here every year, and the stage on the square is the fixed place for literary and artistic activities.The renovation of the pavilion and the reconstruction of the stage are not only a continuation of the historical and cultural memory of the site, but also revitalize the old public space.Pavilion in green plaque around on May 11, 2021, the games are community gave nameboards second anniversary celebration spirit of a new landmark is light, need culture cohesion, the games are encouraging, condensed thousands with the official opening of the games community and of Olympics, the games are penetrates community culture and spirit,It greatly improves residents’ sense of happiness and gain.Residents take an active part in various activities related to the Winter Olympics, and regard the publicity of the Winter Olympics as their responsibility and honor.The community also selected the Winter Olympics family as a model of small family construction, encouraging community residents to integrate positive sports spirit into family construction, improve the spirit of the Winter Olympics community, implement the concept of “Winter Olympics make community life better”.Residents to experience all kinds of games sports, experience the fun of sports and charm, children need to perform – friendly, comfortable old care, full age sharing community park is full of age Shared friendly space, in which children happy growth, the old man in the comfortable health, everybody is the community in which the harmonious sharing should present the beautiful scene in the park.Adhering to the concept of “children first, designed for children”, the community square has opened up a fun space for children to play as much as they can. The ice And snow theme park for immersive experience is used to highlight the ice and snow culture.The park design also gives full consideration to the elderly group.The whole garden steps are eliminated, and gentle ramps are replaced to achieve barrier-free access and ensure the safety of elderly walking and activities.Safe, interesting and rich children’s recreation area Colorful and diverse perceptive facilities stimulate children’s perception. The combination of iceberg-themed amusement facilities is the protagonist of the park. Elderly people do morning exercises on the flat square.It is a facilitator of community building and a place of inspiration for life.Light up the community with space, encourage residents to create fresh, interesting and inspiring life stories in it, and provide continuous energy for community development.Located in the center of the community, the Winter Olympic Community Comprehensive Cultural Center has been transformed into multi-functional Spaces for exhibitions, sports and fitness, books, cultural and creative works, leisure and entertainment, activities for the elderly and young, multi-functional hall and outdoor stands, so that residents of different ages can enjoy the joy.Make it an “extension of home” to display and experience the Culture of the Winter Olympics and accommodate the life of the community and neighbors, and create a window of the Winter Olympics, a neighborhood home and a garden jointly built for the winter Olympics community.Window of The Winter Olympics Cultural Center is a window of the Winter Olympics culture for the community. It is a place for residents to watch, participate in and enjoy the Winter Olympics.The architectural layout of the cultural Center is modeled on the traditional Beijing courtyard and hutong pattern, and based on the concept of openness and sharing, four single buildings are used to form a enclosed courtyard form, creating more modern green space with natural ventilation and lighting.The architectural appearance of the cultural center is based on grey bricks, white walls and wooden Windows. 100,000 old bricks removed from dwellings in northern China are collected and recycled for masonry to reproduce the historical charm.Inheriting Beijing Quadrangle courtyard and creating the organic use of the characteristic materials of the open and shared courtyard, the neighborhood house is not only the main bearer of the cultural center during the Winter Olympic Games, but also the long-term community activities of residents.According to the specific needs of residents, the building has arranged a series of functions such as fitness dance, books and cultural innovation, children’s entertainment, elderly literature and art, coffee and leisure, exhibition and exhibition, community Party construction, etc. A multi-function hall with a capacity of 200 people is set up, which can hold conferences and forums, dance performances, indoor sports and other activities.Cultural Center Along the main entrance of Gaojing Road, library, leisure and sunshine room Cultural Center emphasizes harmonious coexistence and emotional connection with the surrounding community environment.To the south, you can get a close-up view of siping Mountain’s rolling landscape, to the north, you can overlook gaojinggou’s summer green and winter ice and snow activities, to the east, you can overlook three iconic cooling towers, to the west, you can overlook a large area of community homes, residents’ collective memory.The cultural Center pays attention to the whole age sharing, the building inside and outside the barrier-free access, each entrance set up a gentle slope, instead of steps, to ensure the elderly walking, activities convenient and safe.The children’s activity area is decorated with flexible packaging, selected wood texture and changeable colors, forming a safe, interesting and functional children’s activity area.The residents of the garden are the owners of the cultural center. In the construction process of the cultural center, community residents, volunteer groups and tsinghua Tongheng planning, architecture and landscape teams have cooperated throughout, pooling their wisdom to create a satisfactory community meeting room.The good operation of the cultural center in the later stage is related to sports, rehearsals, exhibitions, performing arts, culture, environmental facilities maintenance and many other aspects. It is a systematic, comprehensive and complex collaborative work, guiding residents to participate in the whole process, constantly adjusting and updating the content of activities, which is the next key point of building a beautiful home for residents.The Comprehensive Cultural Center of the Winter Olympics community not only displays the Culture of the Winter Olympics and provides a comfortable public environment, but also serves as the driving force for sustainable development of the community, promoting residents to face life issues together, rallying people and creating a happy life together.It is hoped that under the influence of the Spirit of the Winter Olympics and with increasing public participation, the Cultural Center will become an attractive extension space for families and a spiritual home for the Winter Olympic community.First, grasp the major event of 2022 Winter Olympic Games, implement the concept of block renewal planning first, give full play to the role of professional teams and responsible planners, and comprehensively promote the overall direction of community renewal of the Winter Olympic Games.In June 2019, with the overall organization of Guangning Sub-district and the full support of Shijingshan Sub-Bureau of Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission, tsinghua Tongheng Responsible Planning team and multi-professional teams jointly prepared the high-quality development research and planning scheme of Winter Olympic Community and the preliminary planning and design results of Winter Olympic Community.The winter Olympic Community is positioned as “the first inclusive and friendly community in China where the Olympic concept and Chinese living culture are integrated and co-exist, and the high-quality development community benchmark where the Olympic spirit and the public are co-governed, shared and integrated”.With this as the goal, the division team will update and upgrade the Winter Olympic community comprehensively through the specific implementation of the renewal planning in various aspects, such as overall space quality improvement, theme environment shaping, intelligent facilities configuration, theme activity planning, policy mechanism guarantee and so on.On the premise of taking full account of the implementation period, the planning sequence will be implemented in a point-by-area manner, and priority will be given to the transformation and renewal of key projects such as the Comprehensive Cultural Center of the Winter Olympics and the Leisure and cultural Square of the Winter Olympics.Experience 2: Carry out public participation through various channels, build a fitness square and cultural center that integrates the Winter Olympics culture and community life, introduce the VI design team of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts for the Winter Olympics community, and promote the improvement of the winter Olympics community image identification system.Planning process, responsible planners actively cooperate with the street group games fitness square planning public participation, to the community as the main body, through the questionnaire survey, collecting, plan on publicity and community satisfaction displayed vote and make people fully understand the games community square transformation for the future of community residents use feeling, sharing the feeling, the ascending of feeling,Enhance community residents’ sense of ownership.The design of the real scene scheme for the public participation process of the Community culture and fitness square of the Winter Olympics fully implements the requirements of improving the quality of public open space.In view of the transformation of the square and the environmental quality of the public space, the design focuses on improving the quality of the public space. Combined with the characteristics of the site and the cultural theme of the Winter Olympics, the design features landscape points are distributed in the site, so that users can fully feel the cultural atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.The cultural center is designed to create a three-dimensional, open and active “Window of the Winter Olympics”, which will become an all-weather cultural activity place for people of different ages to interact and communicate here. As a window of cultural output and introduction, it will drive the development of local culture and the city.At the same time, the responsibility division team into the games community into tsinghua academy of professional VI design team, with street VI design group as a whole the games community, providing the games community update development planning overall positioning and development factors, such as regulation improve layout, key support, and actively coordinate the streets in the design process and design team, finally forms the good games community logo,And a series of peripheral supporting products.Play the role of the responsible planner, fully cooperate with the streets to promote the winter Olympics community public space environment improvement.Responsibility planner team quang ninh street space environment update, comprehensively promote the games community from the perspective of professional and technical comprehensive reconstruction scheme is put forward, and give full play to their role as the bridge of responsibility planner, and residents, the streets, such as design and construction team to coordinate communication, to provide with service for street, give professional guidance advice.Lead author introduction pan fang Beijing tsinghua with scale, vice President of the planning design and research institute Quang ninh street chief planner of the responsibility The games community project master plan as a whole, head of yan jiing Beijing tsinghua with scale of sarft, deputy director of the institute international urban development and governance Quang ninh street duty planner The games community project execution, director of tsinghua with scale planning and design main members of the team:Pan Fang, Deng Xiangyu, Jiang Chengsheng, Li Jinchen, Hou Fang, Yan Jing