SonoEye has surpassed the mark two days before the Beijing Winter Olympics

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SonoEye surpasses the mark in the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics.### “The Beijing Winter Olympics will open soon, and the Olympic flame will once again light up the Night sky of the Bird’s Nest.The Olympic athletes who are ready for the games will release their physical potential in “Beijing Time” and pass on the charm of ice and snow sports.In this world class event, SonoEye will become the “snow and ice spirit” and go to the Olympic Games to protect the safety and health of Olympic athletes.The intensity of The Olympic Games, especially with the influence of snow, wind, low temperature and other factors, will inevitably cause acute trauma in various parts of the athletes’ body, cardiac events and other accidents.According to statistics, the injury rate of snowboarding and freestyle skiing in the Winter Olympics is as high as 23 percent or more.Therefore, timely medical treatment in the “golden time” is also crucial to an athlete’s career.According to the requirements of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games for the protection of the injured, snow doctors should reach the injured athletes within 4 minutes, and send them to the hospital that can provide treatment within 15 minutes.On the way of referral, every advanced medical equipment in the ambulance carries an important role, and the medical emergency measures are closely linked, just like a “mobile hospital”.The Chongli Hospital of The Third Hospital of Peking University is the closest to the core competition area of Zhangjiakou, and is the first referral hospital for medical security in Zhangjiakou Competition area, undertaking the arduous task of medical security.SonoEye, as a flagship work independently developed and manufactured by Xiangsheng and an important member of the domestic scientific and technological force, has been officially stationed in the 5G emergency vehicle of Chongli Hospital of Peking University third Hospital, which will guard the whole journey during the Winter Olympics.The space of emergency vehicle “mobile hospital” in Chongli Hospital of The Third Hospital of Peking University is limited, which puts forward higher requirements for the r&d and design of equipment in various functions.The medical staff can hold the SonoEye with one hand to quickly scan all parts of the injured body, achieve a preliminary dynamic assessment of vital signs, and perform the trauma FAST for athletes with hemodynamic instability, so as to strive for precious treatment time for the next decision.At present, 5G signal coverage has been achieved in the track, indoor and temporary area of the venue in Zhangjiakou.Noah, the 5G innovation platform carried by Zhangchao, can assist experts in “space” consultation, and transmit the clinical images of the diagnosis level to the remote consultation center of The Third Hospital of Beijing University of Medicine Chongli Hospital and other hospitals in the first time, so as to realize the instant admission on the bus and further advance the emergency gate.Even if the experts are not on site, they can also make preliminary screening and judgment on the injury of athletes by receiving real-time images, and also provide suggestions and guidance for the following emergency work.The global epidemic situation is severe and complex, and we have dedicated a “simple, safe and wonderful” Olympic Games to the world. Our country has overcome the impact of the NOVEL coronavirus pneumonia and made preparations for all aspects of the games.During the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, more than 100 sets of intelligent disinfection equipment will be deployed in three competition areas to protect the prevention and control of the epidemic.SonoEye’s IPX7 waterproof device enables immersion disinfection to prevent cross-infection and help epidemic prevention and control.China has taken the lead in achieving the goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports”, and more people will join in winter sports in the future.Winter sports are good for health, but we have to guard against disease.SonoEye is equipped with a variety of sensors that can cover almost the entire body and help respond to major public health emergencies in public places.The world is waiting for China, China is ready, xiangsheng is ready!Look forward to the Olympic athletes of all countries, safe and healthy, good performance!