So beautiful, return to the garden of the Mind “original author” Li Wei

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Return to the garden of the heart, the heart is a piece of grass and warbler flying home, the heart is a rinsed blue sky;Return to the garden of the mind, which is a dense forest, permeated with sweet air;To return to the garden of the mind, where the rivers shine and the beautiful hills are as green as they used to be;Return to the garden of the mind, where to gather the fragrance of beauty is the glare and radiance of roses.Return to the heart of the garden, the heart has been unprecedented super pull, yi Xing flying lianlian feelings, from Mount Wuyishan Tianyufeng step to your grass desolate, from the ancient city of Lijiang wake up your sleeping memory of thousands of years, graceful feelings to express a certain draw and qingyuan, from the Xiangjiang river came to you and charming people drunk;Return to the garden of the mind, with the mountains and the waters turn, the spirit becomes empty, the mind is in a trance you and I have been near.The garden of the heart, oozing the rich grass, soaking up the burning and washing of the sun;The garden of the heart, a vast wilderness, cattle and sheep all over the land eating fat and nourishing, leisurely blue sky against the shadow of my love you, love you deeply dance.Spiritual garden, let the desert grow oasis, let the sand mountain change melodious melody miao long;The garden of the heart, let the birds chirping happy ballad, ying Ying rhyme, harp and lyre and song is love long and deep;Heart garden, let the stream sing melodious songs of love;The garden of the soul is an emotional poem, the beauty in the eyes of lovers, graceful and melancholy, the eyes sink into the eyes of the moment, doomed to this life is the most beautiful look before life.Spiritual garden, also need to rest and cut, so that the branches of the vine nowhere to hide, colorful garden is you can not shut the spirit and beautiful yearning.The garden of the mind is a vast sky, stars, is the night sky interlocking;Garden of the soul, bright moonlight qinghui charm, rain like yun by my hot eyes;Heart garden, is a vast grassland, happy song as cattle and horses sheep neighing the ancient love of the movement.It’s so beautiful to return to the garden of the mind.You give me strong bosom intense, you gave me wen wan exquisite, you gave me day highland is broad, you gave me the verve of big ocean, you gave me the golden melody of the sun to let heart, you gave me blinding, happy and qing xin.Sucking your clear breath, I forget to throw into your arms.