New Year’s Eve! Firecrackers sound in New Year’s Eve is full of flavor

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New Year’s Eve is the year to replace the old and usher in the new day people unload a year of hard work and family warm to prepare for the arrival of the Year of the Tiger what customs are there today?Let’s go and have a look. Have dinner on New Year’s Eve dinner is the most lively and happy time for every family on New Year’s Eve.On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families gather around tables and have dinner together. There are big dishes, cold POTS, hot fries and dim sum on the table. Generally, there are two things, one is hot pot and the other is fish.Hot pot boiling, steaming hot, warm and provocative, that thriving;”Fish” and “yu” homonym, is a symbol of “more than lucky”, but also metaphorically “more than every year”.There are radish commonly known vegetables, wish a good color;Lobster, fried fish and other fried food, wish home prosperity, such as “fire cooking oil”.New Year’s Eve dinner many, the north and south around the different, and each have pay attention to.People in the north are used to eating dumplings during the Spring Festival, which is a custom handed down from ancient times.Due to geographical and climatic reasons, during the New Year’s Eve and The Spring Festival, the north is still in the winter when everything is hidden. In winter, the north is a vast expanse of white, frozen and snowy, so it is basically impossible to grow crops.While the southern regions, especially some coastal areas, are basically green all the year round. Winter in the southern regions has great advantages in vegetables and fruits and other food materials, so they have more choices in diet.In terms of geographical location, it also benefits from abundant water resources and wide distribution so that all kinds of fish and food are abundant;So on some important festivals, the southern diet will be more varied.Stick red red, is the Spring Festival couplets, door god, window cuts, New Year pictures, fu and other red festive elements posted during the Spring Festival collectively.It is a time-honored custom of Chinese folk to paste red flowers during the Spring Festival, expressing people’s yearning for a happy life and wishes for a better future.In ancient times, this custom was very popular.”Heaven and earth, the origin of life;Ancestors, the origin of the class also.”It means that heaven and earth are the basis of life, ancestors are the basis of our human beings, and ancestor worship is a custom to inherit filial piety.Due to the different customs around the different forms of ancestor worship.Some go to the field to worship the ancestor’s tomb, some go to the ancestral hall to worship the ancestor, and most of the ancestors will be placed in the main hall in turn at home, display offerings, and then the worshippers according to the order of the age of incense and kneel.The ancients worship, mostly do fish bowl dishes, sheng to high bowl, quite the meaning of zhongmingding food.Southerners pay special tribute to their ancestors, most of which are eight bowls of dishes, hot pot, and cup chopsticks.Shousui New Year’s Eve shousui is one of the custom activities, the custom of shousui has a long history.The folk custom of shou Sui mainly shows that all houses light the New Year’s fire, and the family gets together, and keeps the “New Year’s fire” not to be extinguished, waiting for the moment of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the New Year.Today, I would like to leave more time to my family. If I can go home, I will have a family reunion dinner together. If I can’t return, I will make a phone call to talk more about a few words