Blood drama “Hello, sharpshooter” Luo Qiuyun as sweet and cool swordsman stone xiaoci

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The Winter Olympics has come to an end, but the enthusiasm for sports inspired by the Winter Olympics is still heating up.The passion for the movement has also seeped into movies and TV series.Before and after the Winter Olympics, many sports TV series hit the screen.Among them, a shooting team captain and sports anchor hand in hand to pursue the dream of the inspirational sweet burning drama “Hello, sharpshooter”, with a high popularity of the starring cast, as well as a sense of cure full story line, attracted the attention of many netizens.Luo Qiuyun, who plays Shi Xiaoci in the drama, has attracted attention and impressed audiences with her exquisite acting skills and roles in “Spy War: Awakening of Insects”, “Today” and “Dust of The Millennium”.In “Hello, Sharpshooter” Luo Qiuyun plays a target determined shooter, in the play she constantly training for their dreams, but also in the friends around them, cured their deep buried in the heart of the shadow, gradually grow into a mature shooter.As a rare youth shooting drama, which coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympics, “Hello, Sharpshooter” has attracted much attention both in terms of story selection and the characters of athletes.Young actor Luo Qiuyun in order to interpret the role of a good shi Xiaoci, outside the play constantly practice their own shooting level, do not let go of the slightest detail, a professional shooting athletes vivid show to the audience.In the play, Luo Qiuyun is also the first time to challenge the sports department modelling, and the costume modelling in the previous drama forms a strong contrast, wearing a simple style of shooting training clothes, youth breath blows on the face, of course, when shooting heroic, make the audience’s good impression.On the road to interpretation, Luo qiuyun constantly tried different types of roles.”Phoenix Chess” chest has chengfu, people before and after the different faces of the class suzuki;”Today evening what evening” has dual identity, brave and astute Feng Fu table miss son kite;The Yue Mi of “Through the Ages” with heavy affection and justice, dying for love;Now “Hello, sharpshooter” adhere to love, sweet and cool swordsman Shi Xiaoci.From class bell to shi Xiaoci, from ancient outfit inspirational play to youth sweet pet play, Luo Qiuyun performance relaxation degree, interpretation of a variety of style charm.Shi Xiaoci in the play in the face of the strong posture of shooting, and to maintain confidence in the future and the attitude of good vision, and the theme of the Beijing Winter Olympics fit, continuous progress to become a better themselves, and the players hand in hand to the future!To feel every role, with love to deduce each section of life, the role is changeable but the acting continues online, Luo Qiuyun every new appearance to bring infinite surprise to the audience, but also let the audience and fans see as an actress she has infinite possibilities!By Luo Qiuyun in the ancient costume inspirational sweet pet drama “spring bestie dream people” is about to meet with the audience, in addition, with fire rescue as professional background inspirational burning drama “Illuminate you” is also being shot, Luo Qiuyun in the drama to unlock the new set, as a surgeon Zang Qiu, looking forward to Luo Qiuyun to bring more surprises to the audience!