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Eyes are the window to the soul, language is the expression of emotion.If the child has language problems, it will not only affect the child’s emotional expression, but also affect daily communication, and even have a great impact on the child’s learning and psychology.That shijiazhuang which hospital sees children language barrier professional?Let’s follow Cai Xiping director know about the range of children’s language development obstacle: include a variety of reasons cause children’s language ability development is restricted, resulting in such as delayed language development, clear voice read difference (lisp), language comprehension and expression ability, language fluency defects (stuttering), etc. The language barrier.Such as: hearing disorders, developmental disorders, intellectual disorders, brain injury (such as brain trauma, infection, cerebral palsy, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, etc.), structural abnormalities of vocal organs (such as cleft lip and palate) and other factors.Children’s language disorders are as follows: 1 year old can not say a single word;Can’t speak two-word words by age 2;3 years old can’t speak simple sentences;At the age of 4, there is the phenomenon of inarticulate and inaccurate pronunciation;You can’t tell the whole story at five;Between the ages of 2 and 5, there is a significant regression of language ability;Stuttering for more than 3 months with an aggravating tendency;Speech dysfunction accompanied by developmental delay, intellectual disability, hearing loss, and diseases such as brain damage and cleft lip and palate.What is the process of language disorder diagnosis and treatment?1, clinical diagnosis through consultation, observation of children’s clinical manifestations, the use of a variety of advanced examination means, the language development and communication ability of children, as well as the relevant pathophysiological status, clinical diagnosis.2. Language and communication ability assessment Through communication with parents, questionnaire survey, clinical observation and the use of a variety of standardized assessment tools, to understand children’s language development status, including pre-language skills, language understanding and expression ability, social and communication ability, articulation organs, oral muscle function, articulation clarity, etc.3, speech therapy and communication ability training 1) Improve the pre-language skills pre-language skills are the foundation of children’s language ability, mainly including attention, imitation ability, game skills, communicative willingness, etc.These abilities are essential for children to develop a higher level of language.We will design a variety of fun activities to learn and develop children’s pre-language skills.2) The promotion of language understanding and expression ability should take into account the child’s personal ability, the appropriate stage of language development and the needs of the child’s surrounding environment, and promote language understanding and expression through different training methods.3) Improve children’s social communication ability through group training or simulation of life situation, stimulate and encourage children to use language skills, social communication activities, such as greeting, discussing the rules of the game, to improve children’s social communication ability.4) Improve articulation clarity cleft lip and palate, lip and tongue and jaw muscle ability is weak or control is not coordinated, hearing impairment, complex language environment are children’s pronunciation organ structure abnormalities, will cause children’s pronunciation is not accurate.We will guide children to use correct pronunciation and improve the clarity of language through voice training and oral muscle coordination training.5) Improve the fluency of speech children due to physical factors, insufficient language ability, psychological barriers, genetic or affected by bad language environment caused by stuttering.We will improve the fluency of children’s speech according to the judgment of the cause of stuttering.Director CAI warm tips: the younger the language barrier, the better to correct.It is suggested that parents pay attention to their children’s language development in daily life. If their children are found to have language problems, they must go to regular hospitals and seek the help of professional doctors, so as not to affect their children’s normal life, learning and social interaction.