Frontline typical | husband and wife volunteers warm anti-epidemic frontline

2022-06-25 0 By

At 5 o ‘clock in the morning, Li Dengjie, Wang Lijuan husband and wife had a simple meal, again came to the Dongying district Xidian Street Cuiyuan community labor bureau nucleic acid testing site, they wear protective clothing, into the new day of nucleic acid testing work.For days, Li Dengjie, janet wang, the couple go volunteer insisted on early to late, to help workers to decorate the scene, the maintenance order, help the masses and code, check the identity information, tips for personal protection, to help solve the problem of emergency and so on, make full nucleic acid sample to detect smooth and orderly, make contributions to the epidemic prevention and control work.”Auntie, scan our TWO-DIMENSIONAL code with your mobile phone…”Husband and wife volunteers temperature, code, testing, interlocking, orderly.They help the elderly to register and soothe the children’s emotions, which not only saves residents’ time, but also avoids the situation of crowd gathering caused by the long queue, and creates a safe and comfortable testing environment, which has won unanimous praise from the surrounding residents.Li Dengjie and Wang Lijuan, a husband and wife team, are just an epitome of the epidemic prevention and control work of Fang Jie’s volunteer team.Under their inspiration and organization, fang Jie volunteer team has a total of 40 volunteers in the community, shopping malls, hospitals, communities to carry out voluntary anti-epidemic services, nucleic acid testing, identity information verification, on-site order maintenance, community security maintenance, residents persuasion……Fang Jie volunteers enthusiasm input has been recognized by the community and the majority of residents.”My wish is to drive people around to participate in volunteer service, become star volunteers, make volunteer service become a new fashion in society.”Li Dengjie said.It is reported that the actual volunteer service time is measured in hours, not including the commuting time, the total volunteer service time of 1,500 hours, can be rated as five-star volunteers.Shandong Fangjie Property Service Co., Ltd. relies on its own company to set up fangjie volunteer service team, regularly carry out volunteer service activities, attract more caring people to join the volunteer team, contribute love for the construction of a harmonious society, and contribute to the progress of social civilization.(Reporter Ren Qiang)