200 yuan for a bag of vegetables?A street vendor in Taiyuan was placed under investigation

2022-06-25 0 By

Taiyuan, China News Network April 4 (reporter Yang Jieying)On April 4, the reporter learned from the Taiyuan Municipal Market supervision bureau that vendors selling vegetables to the public by valuation have been placed under investigation.”Don’t weigh catty, estimate, this 200 yuan…”On April 3, taiyuan residents said that when buying vegetables in the small store district of Haimingwei comprehensive market encountered a vendor selling vegetables without weighing the weight and relying on valuation.Market supervision department for the first time on this matter was investigated, has been to the business to stick a seal to shut down processing, and the existence of illegal conduct on file investigation.In view of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, taiyuan Market Supervision Bureau will strengthen market inspection and severely punish illegal price behaviors such as hoarding, fabricating and spreading price increase information and price gouging by taking the opportunity of epidemic prevention and control.Typical cases with bad circumstances will be exposed publicly.Taiyuan Market Supervision Bureau issued a reminder to all business operators in the city, to strictly abide by the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China, provisions on The Implementation of Clearly Marked Prices for Commodities and Services, provisions on the Prohibition of Price fraud and other price laws and regulations, strengthen price self-discipline, to operate in accordance with law and integrity.Source: Chinanews.com