Ranked first in the province for three consecutive years

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In 2021, the growth rate of fixed asset investment in The city increased by 7% year-on-year, ranking first in the province, 4 percentage points higher than the province (3%).From 2019 to 2021, the growth rate was 10.1%, 4.7% and 7.0% respectively, ranking first in the province for three consecutive years.The total investment of 460 provincial and municipal key projects was 202.09 billion yuan, and the investment volume and completed investment ranked first in the province.Last year, 130 provincial key early-stage projects were approved in the city (770 in the province), and the number of projects ranked first in the province.In the Notification of 2021 Provincial Key Projects Work Evaluation, the key projects in Caofeidian District, Luanzhou City and Leting County of Our city are outstanding in construction, ranking among the top ten in the province;In terms of the number of newly added provincial key early-stage projects, Caofeidian District, Qian ‘an City, Fengrun District, Leting County and Luanzhou City rank top 10 in the whole province.In terms of the number of newly added provincial key projects, Tangshan Caofeidian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tangshan Harbour Economic Development Zone, Leting Economic Development Zone, Qian ‘an Economic Development Zone and Fengrun Economic Development Zone rank top three in the whole province.Implementation of fixed assets investment project quantity and quality of double key is to take the following measures to adhere to the high jump drive main leaders of CPC municipal committee and municipal government attaches great importance to the project construction work, always adhere to the line of command, deployed in person, always adhere to the construction of key projects as the lifeline of economic development, from the ideological understanding, focus to policy assessment, assessment,Focus on key projects in an all-round way.By the end of March, 355 of the 582 projects have gone through the formalities, laying a solid foundation for the full start of projects.To improve and promote the service mechanism to thoroughly organize the activity of “Ten thousand cadres union enterprise”, the city’s four leading groups took the lead, went to the project site for many times to carry out research, to help the grassroots and enterprises to coordinate to solve a series of problems, to achieve the “true package true union, true help true management”.In 2021, the city’s cadres at all levels solved a total of 2,322 problems, with the “hard index” of cadres in exchange for the “confidence index” of the development of market players.Adhere to the “elements to go with the project” priority key projects, the full implementation of provinces and cities that are in urgent need of projects is preferred, provincial project priority in the park and the investment intensity and per acre high efficiency project priority elements such as configuration “four priorities” principle, make land should defend, environmental indicators using priority, defend capital needs one by one, since 2021.The supply rate of land for key provincial and municipal projects reached 100% during the period, providing 3.553 million tons of standard coal for 70 key projects and 13,600 mu of land for 74 provincial key projects.We will continue to foster a sound business environment. We will deepen reform of delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, and providing services. We will issue the Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment in Tangshan by government order, and bring the work of optimizing the business environment into a legal track.The Implementation Plan of Approval and Approval for New Industrial Projects with Social Investment in Tangshan was formulated and issued. Within a little more than a month, 3 projects were implemented and 53 projects entered the approval process, creating a “golden signboard” for tangshan service project construction.Continue to increase investment and investment projects to strengthen targeted investment attraction, business attraction and industrial chain investment attraction.In 2021, 762 projects worth more than RMB 100 million were signed, with the agreed investment of RMB 492.974 billion;We implemented 399 industrial transfer projects between Beijing and Tianjin, with an investment of 81.995 billion yuan.A large number of large and good projects such as Beijing Bawei Boiler have been started.