Not a chapter to be missed in three deeply thought-provoking and epic novels

2022-06-24 0 By

Hello, everyone, click attention, away from the book shortage, I push book sauce water color cold no trace.Today, I recommend three novels that I don’t want to miss a chapter. The plots are deep and thought-provoking, and the scenes are epic.This is a classic hardcore science fiction novel, setting up a world of card science and technology. The protagonist makes a living by collecting cards. He accidentally picks up a heritage card and is lucky enough to solve the puzzles in it, thus embarking on the road to Cards.It should be said that Fang Xiang’s novel is full of creativity. With cards as the starting point, it opens a unique and extraordinary technological world of cultivation system, and the description of battle scenes is magnificent.This makes the author a master writer of combat flow.The cuttlefish’s ability to set a scene and frame their world view is on full display in “Master of Mysteries.”But before that, the squid had already demonstrated its talent in “The Man of One Life.”While the novel inevitably has a long lead-up to its later adventures, when the plot unfolds and deepens, there are amazing moments when Pandora’s box is opened.This is also a hardcore science fiction novel that, despite its discouraging title, is surprisingly imaginative and explosive.The novel tells the story of the main character in order to escape the destruction of the earth, go to the universe to rebuild civilization.The protagonist is like a supercomputer, constantly exploring and adventuring, constantly breaking through the outer edge of civilization, developing fields, and constantly opening up a vast universe, creating an amazing world outlook architecture.The whole story is smooth and refreshing, and it is a rare classic science fiction.