Longshan County Oolong Mountain gorge New Year flavor thick “heavenly flying fairy” to help

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On February 2nd, the second day of the first lunar month, with the beautiful mountain songs of tujia girls, the boat slowly swam to the deep of the cave.The cave is an important scenic spot in the Grand Canyon of Longshan County.The hole for the Oolong Grand Canyon, here all the year round beautiful scenery.In the valley, the peaks compete and the trees luxuriant, which is a natural oxygen bar. In the meantime, boating on it increases the leisure mood.Yizhanzhan red lanterns decorate all parts of the scenic area.Groups of people, or in the mysterious caves shuttled back and forth, or in the deep forest, feel the quiet and spacious canyon.Tourists sit on the boat entering the cave and listen to the moving folk songs of tujia girls.Cruise ship leisurely swim, singing leisurely swing.The joy and auspiciousness of the New Year reflected on the joyful faces.The stalagmites, stone columns and various grotesque beautiful landscapes honed over millions of years in Chub Cave and Rumei Cave have been praised by a number of tourists.Walking in the silver carp hole, the song of dancing suddenly sounded from the hole, a woman seemed to come from the sky.Facing the direction of the song to find, dressed in red dress women are dancing on the cave, graceful fingers and the twist of the waist, as if “flying fairy” general fascinating.Chub cave is one of the many scenic spots in the Wulong Mountain Grand Canyon scenic area, which has a steep 15-kilometer canyon.On both sides of the canyon, the scenery is beautiful, and the caves are all over, like an underground labyrinth.Huang Yongyu, a famous painter, once praised: “There are two thousand two hundred holes in Longshan.The development of the area is now confused hole, silver carp hole, flying tiger hole, wind tunnel and so on.Cave not only cave scenery, cave also hidden a variety of rare animals, such as the giant salamander, blind fish and so on.There are 18 pits and drums in the scenic area, among which tiankeng drums, large ones and small ones have a profound influence.CCTV has filmed and reported the magic of these caves with the title of “Living in tiger Cave”.Tourists from hunan, Hubei and Chongqing border areas shuttled between scenic spots to feel the joy of the New Year.