A magical shanzhai in Hunan province has 110 “reborn people” who remember their past lives

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In the myth story, after death will not be ash and ashes, but the body of the people died, but the soul of the people will break away from the body, to the underworld, and then drink Meng Po soup, cross a wooden bridge, reincarnated as a human.After drinking mengpo soup, people can’t remember past lives.People make up myths, but it is true that people are born with no memories.Now science is very advanced, but in life, there are still many things, beyond our cognitive scope, science can not explain.After being born, the cognition of the world is blank and there is no memory, but some people still remember their previous lives, we call them “reincarnations”.Reincarnations are very rare, so many people will never see one.Pingyang township, Tongdao County, Hunan, but everyone has seen “regeneration”.In Pingyang Township, Tongdao County, there are 110 reborn people, so there is one or more reborn people around each of them.There are so many “births” in the village that people take it for granted and don’t think it’s unusual.To the outside world, it was sensational news.Reporters heard this matter, went to Tongdao County Pingyang township, to interview “regeneration”.These “regeneration people”, can remember their past life happened, some “regeneration people” said that his past life is an animal, reincarnated human.Some “reborn people” said that his previous life was a woman, reincarnated as a man.Most of the experiences of being born again are strange.The reporter wanted to interview local “reborn people”, but many “reborn people”, married to other places, or went to work in other places, are not in the village.There are also “reincarnates” who have been questioned by others, which makes them tired and reluctant to talk about their own affairs.A person called Shi Shuang “regeneration person”, willing to accept the reporter’s interview.According to Shi shuangren, when she was about three years old, she suddenly remembered what had happened in her previous life.Her name in a previous life was Jia ‘an Yao, and she died of poisoning at the age of 24.She had two other children in a previous life, and her son was only three months old when she died.This makes Shishuangren miss her two children, but she is too young to visit them.Later, when Shi Shuangren went to school, she heard her teacher call her two names. She found out that her two children from a previous life were in the same school as shi Shuangren. However, her two children were older than Shi Shuangren, and she dared not identify them.Later, her two children were told that Shishuangren was their mother.The children were too young to know what to do.When they got home, they told grandma about it.Grandma told them to bring Shishuangren home after school. She wanted to meet Shishuangren.Shishuangren has never come, but she can remember the house she used to live in by virtue of her past life memory, and she likes to wash clothes by the river.Shishuangren can tell stories about their past lives and give verbatim answers to inquiries from their mothers-in-law, husbands and neighbors.This makes them have to admit that shi Shuang is yao Jia ‘an who died many years ago.Yao jia ‘an’s mother heard this, also ran to see Shi Shuang ren.She saw shishuang people’s character, living habits and so on, and his daughter is not the same, also decided that shishuang people is her dead daughter Yao Jia ‘an.Shishuoren’s two children in their previous lives have always called her mother.He would come to see her on festivals.The village also has twin sisters, who are also “reborn”.One of the girls was Named Wu Hang. When she was 3 years old, her mother called her by her name, but the little girl told her mother that her name was Not Wu Hang, but Yao Ziluo. She pointed to her sister and said her name was Shi Beiwu.Wu Hang and his sister, are “regeneration”, so can think of their past life happened.Wu told her family that she and her sister were best friends in a previous life, and they were inseparable every day and always played together.One day, Shi Bei Wu forgot to do things arranged by her father because of playing, and was severely scolded by her father.She said his experience to good sister Yao Ziluo listen to, two people more say more sad, finally two little girls take things too hard, committed suicide together.Finally, she was reborn as twin sisters.Yao Zhiluo’s mother Yang Beidong heard about this, and her husband came to visit Wu Hang.When Wu Hang saw Yang Beidong, whom he had never seen before, he said, “Your name is Yang Beidong, and you are my mother in a previous life.”Wu Hang can say a lot of Yao Zhiluo things, which let Yang Beidong couple heart mixed feelings, directly cried up, they saw their daughter.The other twin was also able to recall her past life and was reunited with her previous parents.Since then, the three families have been on good terms and often visit each other.Reporters want to wu Hang this pair of twin sisters, face to face to verify their story, but two sisters, have been married.But people around wu Hang’s twin sisters are convinced that they are “born again”.The story of “reborn people” in Pingyang Township is very strange, as if it were a plot in a novel, which is not true, but people in the village believe it, and reporters can not refute it.”Renewable”, scientific explanation is not now, but “renewable” in his a have never been to, not even heard of the place, home to find his past life, also can say past his own a lot of stories, and let the people around her, this is amazing, and scientific explanation is not the thing.The truth about reincarnation remains a mystery.