Unforgettable off-year

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When I was 11 or 12 years old, xiao Qian was supposed to clean everything in my house.Old and new cotton quilt, curtain, quilt cover, sofa cover, look brand-new.The twenty-third day of the twelfth lunar month is seven days.On this day, sweep the house in the morning, pave the kang at noon, bake the kitchen in the afternoon to send dry food (offering) to the kitchen god.The noodles, which start two days earlier, exude an enticing grain sweetness on this off-year afternoon, and no one can resist the passion of the oven’s dry food, golden and crisp.First pinch a pinch of edible alkali with three fingers on the chopping board, brush it with a knife, soft as fine sand.In the basin, the dough is inverted on the alkali surface, and the left and right sides are rubbed three times to exhaust;Roll thin pastry, sprinkle a layer of bitter bean flour, cover with a layer of oil, roll rolling pin thickness, cut cake such as dessert, white green and golden, oil wang Wang awake.Thick flat bottom hot pot brush a layer of flax oil, wake up good small cakes have a gap to place a layer, quickly high hair into double size.When there is no moisture in the dough, turn it over and it will be golden yellow from top to bottom. When it comes out of the pot, a plate of fragrant dry food will be presented on the stove!Mothers while incense while patted off greedy hands: “the next pot to eat!”In the mouth then say: “Zao Ye Zao Lady, eat and drink well;God said auspicious, down to protect peace;Adults and children are happy and come to the church 30 years later.”Mothers finished incense, grandparents and grandchildren of the second cooking stove dry food also belly, the cannon, lighting, a smile, with a greasy mouth, that thin crisp, that sweet, lips and teeth stay fragrant;The joy, the happiness, nothing like it.Xiao Nian this day, than the real Chinese New Year is also full of flavor.Best wishes to you