The report card of securities industry in 2021 is released: 140 securities firms’ revenue exceeds 500 billion yuan, with a net profit of 190 billion yuan

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On the evening of February 25, the Securities Association of China (HEREINAFTER referred to as the “China Securities Association”) released the 2021 operating data of securities companies.Overall, compared with last year, the industry has a good momentum of development, with growth in all data.In terms of revenue, 140 securities companies in the industry achieved operating revenue of 502.41 billion yuan and net profit of 191.119 billion yuan in 2021.By the end of 2021, the total assets of the securities industry were 10.59 trillion yuan, and the net assets were 2.57 trillion yuan, increasing 19.07% and 11.34% respectively compared with the end of the previous year.In 2021, the securities company served a total of 481 enterprises to complete the initial public offering in China, and the financing amount reached 535.146 billion yuan, an increase of 87 and 13.87% year-on-year respectively.Among them, 162 “hard technology” companies went public on the Science and Innovation Board, raising 202.904 billion yuan.A total of 199 growth innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises were listed on the GROWTH Enterprise Market, raising 147.511 billion yuan.The number of initial public offerings on the two boards accounted for 75.05% of the total number of ipos in the year, and the amount of financing accounted for 65.48% of the total amount of IPO financing in the year, guiding capital to effectively support technological innovation.In 2021, securities companies served 527 domestic listed companies to achieve refinancing, and the financing amount reached 957.593 billion yuan, an increase of 132 companies and 8.10% respectively.Securities firms underwrote 15.23 trillion yuan of bonds, up 12.53 percent year-on-year.The securities industry achieved a net income of 69.983 billion yuan in investment banking in 2021, up 4.12% year on year.By the end of 2021, the securities industry had opened 298 million A-share capital accounts for customers, an increase of 14.89% year-on-year. The ending balance of customers’ transaction settlement funds (including credit transaction funds) was 1.90 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.66% compared with the end of the previous year, and the customer base kept expanding.At the end of 2021, the scale of asset management business in the securities industry is 10.88 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 3.53%. In particular, the scale of collective joint venture management represented by active management increases significantly by 112.52% to 3.28 trillion yuan.Net income of asset management business reached 31.786 billion yuan for the year, up 6.10% year on year.In 2021, the net income of agency sales of financial products in the securities industry was 20.690 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 53.96%. The income accounted for 13.39% of the brokerage business income, with an increase of 3.02 percentage points.In 2021, the whole industry achieved a net income of 5.457 billion yuan of investment consulting business, with a year-on-year growth of 13.61%.At the end of 2021, the net capital of the securities industry was 2.00 trillion yuan, of which the core net capital was 1.72 trillion yuan.By the end of 2021, the industry has an average risk coverage rate of 249.87%(regulatory standard ≥100%), an average leverage ratio of 20.90%(regulatory standard ≥8%), an average liquidity risk coverage rate of 233.95%(regulatory standard ≥100%), an average net stable capital ratio of 149.64%(regulatory standard ≥100%),The overall risk control index of the industry is better than the regulatory standard, and the compliance risk control level is stable on the whole.In 2021, the securities industry thoroughly implemented the relevant decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on rural revitalization, inherited the great spirit of poverty alleviation, launched the “Securities Industry to promote rural revitalization public welfare action”, and continued to consolidate and expand the results of “one department and one county” paired assistance.By the end of 2021, 102 securities companies had teamed up to help 323 counties out of poverty, committed to implementing the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, and helping to make development more balanced, coordinated and inclusive.Sixty securities companies have participated in the “Public interest action to promote rural revitalization,” pledging 340 million yuan to actively carry out public interest activities to help students, the elderly, the disabled, the medical and the poor, with the focus on consolidating poverty alleviation achievements, to serve rural revitalization and promote common prosperity.Twenty-one securities companies have initiated the establishment of public welfare foundations to gather social forces through public welfare platforms, actively participate in the third allocation, and mobilize employees to give full play to their expertise and time, so as to make positive contributions to promoting common prosperity.The year 2021 marks the start of a new journey to comprehensively build a modern socialist country and the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, according to the ASSOCIATION.Securities industry actively integrated into the global economic and social development and national development strategy, based on the new stage of development, carry out the new development concept and build a new development pattern, active service reform and development of capital market, service the real economy and residents continue to enhance its capability of wealth management, improve compliance risk control level, in the overall business performance stability.