The fourth Hospital medical department of Bengbu carried out the themed activity of “Cutting window flowers, Welcoming the New Year”

2022-06-23 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming, and the festive atmosphere is gradually strong.Recently, our hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine nursing group small fairy group of girls organized in the hospital patients to carry out the “cut window, welcome the New Year” theme activities, with warm heart action interpretation of quality nursing services, so that patients feel meticulous warmth.During the activity, nurses talked with patients about the customs of different places in the way of “cultural integration”.Patients said that although they could not go home for the Spring Festival this year due to the epidemic, they could still feel the beautiful atmosphere of “New Year”.After that, the patients picked up the red paper and scissors and followed the nurses in learning carefully to fasten the red paper to the shape of the paper-cuts and began to cut the paper-cuts.With the sound of “ka ka ka ka” paper cutting, a piece of red paper in everyone’s hands into a lively tiger window, everyone holding the red “little tiger” are jubilant.Through the “cut window, welcome the New Year” theme activity, the nurses of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of our hospital use their own actions to make the taste of the New Year “not discounted”, so that all the patients who stay in Clam New Year’s day feel the sense of belonging and happiness in Clam, and sincerely wish the patients a speedy recovery!