The Lantern Festival cultural tour in Zhangye city was wonderful

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During the Lantern Festival of 2022, the cultural tourism activities in Zhangye City were colorful and created a thick festive atmosphere.Lantern Festival night falls, lanterns light up, zhangye urban road on both sides of the lighting project, to create a warm and harmonious, colorful city night scene.Lanterns of different shapes in downtown plaza create a festive atmosphere of joy and festivity.In Ganzhou District Ganquan Park, Gaotai, Shandan County urban areas have organized all kinds of festival light exhibition.Wulan ancient town, Jiantan Town, Ganzhou District, opened the Yellow River lantern parade ceremonously, and carried out a series of intangible cultural heritage cultural performances, the masses and tourists enjoy ice sculptures, the lantern parade, celebrate the festival.During the Lantern Festival, along with the winter Olympic Games, the general public’s enthusiasm to participate in ice and snow sports continues to heat up.Lushuiwan Ice Rink and Shandan Foshan ski Resort in Ganzhou district attract a large number of tourists to experience the colorful ice and snow events.Sunan county held the “Lantern Festival” and “China sports lottery” tug-of-war competition and the fourth national fitness leaders games to celebrate the Lantern Festival.Make yuanxiao around yuanxiao folk folk activities, the Lantern Festival on the same day, zhangye museum invited 21 traditional culture enthusiasts, around the “tiger tiger China year” Spring Festival series of activities the theme, through watching lanterns guessing, tea art performance, bands, ancient costume drama, for the people of the city in a colorful wenbo.Library (zhangye ganzhou district library) to carry out the “folk welcomed refined taste has, the library make yuanxiao” series of activities, through guess riddles, parent-child hand made lanterns, ornamental engraving printing pictures, folk paper-cut art and experience, ancient papermaking experience, tie-dye art experience and a series of traditional folk activities, lead the readers to understand the traditional culture of the Lantern Festival,Experience the charm of traditional Chinese festivals.Linze County Hexi Folk Expo park held “colorful Danxia product West tour culture Gao Laozhuang make yuanxiao” folk cultural activities, journey to the West scene drama show, drama “cow” show, Qinqiang opera performance, social fire performance, lantern riddles and other folk activities, for the masses to send a rich cultural dinner.Gaotai County launched a tiger year of cultural relics photo exhibition, Minle County and Sunan county respectively carried out the Lantern Festival theme of “Lantern Festival – palace lantern production,” “Portable Lantern Festival, happy Lantern Festival” social education activities.Huimin performance with celebrating ganzhou district to carry out the “spring, green LongYuan rainbow ganzhou,” the people big cultural huimin stage into the scenic spot, linze held “qin opera performances, hexi baojuan (high lao-zhuang baojuan) read singing performance, shandan host country cultural and artistic performance, Lantern Festival held SuNa County” our Chinese dream “culture into m celebrate yuanxiao theatrical performances.Online activities are rich and colorful ganzhou district held a “culture into m · video live in hometown” intangible project presentation, gansu new media group running press line on the ancient town of house to live 2022 “Yellow River lamp array” intangible China in zhang ye stand live events, media of unique Angle of view, promote ganzhou district of national intangible cultural heritages,To feel the unique charm of wulan ancient Town’s “Winding Yellow River Lamp Parade”, the one-hour live broadcast attracted the attention of more than 3 million people from all over the country, receiving 1,063 million likes and more than 6,500 messages.The city cultural center carried out “Rainbow Zhangye Dancing cloud” online cloud dance contest, “Rainbow Zhangye Around the Flavor of the New Year” short video activities, held “Yinhu Noisy Spring” works online exhibition in zhangye cultural cloud platform, the counties and districts also carried out online intangible cultural heritage, painting and calligraphy exhibition.Source: Zhangye Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau Editor: Lu Bohan Review: Li Xuejing