Swiss “comedy” skier nucleic acid turned negative!He said he wanted to wear tights at the opening ceremony. “Unfortunately, the national team won’t allow it.”

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Swiss skier Nicolas Huber, dubbed the “Swiss ski comedian” by Chinese Internet users, has become a hit ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics with a red bodysuit emblazoned with the Swiss flag on the chest.However, due to the nucleic acid test positive after arriving in Beijing, Huber was sent to isolation.In a video interview with the Global Times on Wednesday, Huber revealed that his nucleic acid test is now negative and he has resumed training.Huber said he was grateful that many Chinese netizens liked his video and wished him a speedy recovery. “I hope to share the power of positivity with you through the video,” he said.Huber, a Swiss snowboarder who competed in Pyeongchang 2018, is part of the Swiss team in Beijing.As a foreign athlete, Huber was little known in China, but a series of videos he posted on social media about the Winter Olympics have many Chinese netizens calling him funny.In a video of his flight to Beijing, Huber, dressed in a red, spiderman jumpsuit with a Swiss flag emblazoned across the chest, raced through the airport and onto a plane, interacting with other Swiss athletes as he flew.However, upon arrival in Beijing, Huber tested positive for nucleic acid and was sent to a hotel for quarantine.During the quarantine period, Huber still wore his tights to exercise and dance. “Swiss Winter Olympics athletes in quarantine period become guowei” even hit the hot list of a short video platform, and netizens said that he looked more and more like former high jumper Zhang Guowei, who likes “whole life” funny.”I get creative sometimes, but mostly I do normal things.The idea for the video probably came to me in the shower: what if I miss my flight?”Huber told the Global Times that he got his tights from the Swiss national team, which has a website with all kinds of clothes.Huber also showed off the tights via video, hanging with the Swiss flag on the wall opposite the bed.When a reporter from The Global Times told Huber that the videos were also popular among Chinese netizens, Huber expressed surprise.”It’s amazing and I’m so grateful to you,” Huber said. “That’s what I want to pass on. I want to share the power of positivity and encourage people to see the positive.”Mr Huber says he is an optimist himself.”Life has its ups and downs, and there are fears and frustrations, but most of the time I’m optimistic and I try to stay energized,” Huber said. “Accepting what happens to me and doing the best I can is the best way to look at life.”Huber’s nucleic acid test was negative and he has resumed training, but he still needs to follow quarantine regulations.”I feel good, I will be able to race on Sunday and seven days later I will be completely normal.”Huber said.According to the Quarantine Manual for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, asymptomatic patients will be released from quarantine if they have two consecutive negative nucleic acid tests (at least 24 hours between samples) and no other symptoms of COVID-19.However, additional quarantine measures for close contacts should be taken if they wish to return to their post at match time.For now, Huber needs to take nucleic acid tests every 12 hours for seven days and can train if they are negative.Although he said he was not a professional who could not comment on specific quarantine policies, Huber said he would fully comply with the requirements.”I’m so happy to be part of the Beijing Olympics,” Huber said, adding that it was “an amazing thing” to be able to host the Games despite the pandemic and that he would do everything he could to compete for a medal in the upcoming games.Between practices and games, Huber will continue to make more videos in his tights.”Although it would be fun to wear it at the opening ceremony, I know the national team won’t let me do it,” said Huber, who said he would consider opening an account on Chinese-language social media to let more Chinese netizens see his videos.Source: Comprehensive Global Times Huanqiu