Small art recommended: wear for a long time does not hurt the ear, hero G2 real wireless Bluetooth headset to share

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I preface: HERO G2 is the second wireless Bluetooth earphone of HERO brand of the author. The first one is G3. My sister took it away to listen to music during the Spring Festival, and then there is nothing else to do.As a nostalgic person, the hero brand has given me many good memories. Hero pen ink has become a good partner in my study. The year before last, I also bought a Hero pen set.The first time I used the real wireless Bluetooth headset of Hero, I still wondered, a brand that produces pens and ink has crossed the boundary to play bluetooth headset, after really understanding, I have a heart of awe.Hero is the first audio brand in China, which produced the six-lamp electronic tube AC radio B701 on October 20, 1958.Only a good product is worth buying back, hero true wireless Bluetooth headset is a good product, at this time will certainly have some netizens wonder, why not choose a hero G3?After all, men like to “challenge” new things, and I’m no exception.Below, the author introduces hero G2 Bluetooth headset for you.The packaging design of Hero Bluetooth headset has some continuity. G2 and G3 have the same theme, with white as the main color and bright red to highlight the brand.The 64-year-old brand, labeled “Hero 1958” in the upper right corner, will inspire you as much as I do.The appearance and model number of the headphones are printed in the lower left corner, which gives the overall impression of highlighting the focus and capturing the details.On the side of the box, the 8 major functions of the product are all drawn out. It is equipped with mainstream real wireless Bluetooth headset, touch control, noise reduction, master-slave switch, wearing perception and other functions, which are very needed by users.Open the packing box, all the items inside are: earphone (including charging bin), Type-c charging cable, instruction manual.Iii. Product introduction: HERO G2 still adopts half-in-ear design, which is also what the author likes. Although the in-ear design is a little weak in terms of wrapping and noise reduction, there is no need to worry about the risk of allergies caused by filling the ear canal with earphone for a long time.In terms of noise reduction, the headset adopts CNC environment noise reduction algorithm, which can effectively filter and isolate the call noise and restore a quiet call environment.In terms of one-touch control, Hero G2 supports double-clicking on the left and right earphones to answer/hang up a call, double-clicking on the right and left earphones to play/pause songs and videos, holding down the left earphone for 2s to cut a song, holding down the right earphone for 2s to cut a song, three-clicking on the right ear to enter game mode, and clicking on the left and right earphones for 1s to reject a call.In terms of battery life, Hero G2 single headset lasts about 4 hours, with 380mAh mah battery charging bin, the longest battery life is about 30 hours.Hero G2 true wireless Bluetooth earphone is the world’s first earphone brand that cares for hearing health. It is not only very elegant in material and body polishing.Built-in ear protection volume function, optimized sharp high pitch, full care of the user’s ears.The earphone adopts 13mm large moving coil unit and liquid crystal polymer composite diaphragm, which is calibrated and adjusted by professional tuner to restore the sound effect.Iv. Experience: After several days of wearing the earphone, I have several experiences worth sharing with you: 1. It is convenient to wear and the design of the earphone conforms to the Chinese ear canal.2. Perception: When listening to a song, take off either side of the earphone and the song will be suspended, and the song will play automatically after you put it into your ear.3. Pairing: After pairing the hero G2 headset with the mobile phone, open the charging bin again and connect the headset with the mobile phone for 1 second.5. Conclusion: Many functions of The Hero earphone are in line with all the standards of the current real wireless Bluetooth earphone, especially in the aspect of induction and touch control, the response is very fast, and the five special care functions (volume, sound quality, comfort, radiation, quality) play a great role in protecting the user’s ear.For those of you who want good sound quality while protecting your ears, this hero G2 true wireless Bluetooth headset is a must.