Life is the hero

2022-06-23 0 By

Life itself is the leading tragical worth while, comedy, oneself in which, run also run not to drop, calm to face, not vexed also not angry, because yourself, is the leading role.Bad things also come, good things also look for, oneself in it, can not be pushed off, accept everything, not urgent and not impatient, because yourself, is the protagonist.People run in the world, he is the leading role, only when life is a play, to play well, practice basic skills, after all, return, win the full house, that should have more wonderful!People run in the world, he is the protagonist, only when the trouble is the setting, the withdrawal is removed, the play is bigger than the day, do not be overwhelmed, smiling face in the spring wind, comfortable and free!In the play of life, on the stage, oneself is always the leading role.Some people care about what other people think without saying a word or doing a thing.Actually, you don’t have to.We take care of and pay attention to others’ feelings and ideas, but we should edit the script of our life according to our own ideas. In the script, we should act as the protagonist, not perform for others’ mood, because the story we deduce is the process of our own life, not for others to watch, but simply for the sake of our own life.Life is but so, and line and cherish.You are always your own leading role, don’t always in someone else’s drama as a supporting role.There are no two identical leaves in the world. Life should be independent, and independence is the hormone and catalyst of innovation.No matter what has happened or will happen, you will always be yourself. The tragedy of being human is that someone else chooses for you and becomes a machine manipulated by others and loses yourself.On the stage of life, the dream of the day, every day flash.Everyone’s achievements are their own “leading halo”, and everyone abides by their “duty”, which adds color to the world. We deserve warm applause for ourselves.