Hero of the Iron Fist lu Xiangdong controls the Overseas Chinese association

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Tekken Heroes episode 27!Because of fu sister and loss of reason even spine shi heavy hand wounded flourishing, for the brothers two ribs knife, for the woman brothers two knives qingyun to use three yama hand.Lian Ji was beaten mouth spout blood, directly fainted in the past.Qingyun was hemp away, road encounter overseas Chinese people.Qingyun entrusted to the Overseas Chinese society after the road master also mouth spray blood, directly fainted.Qingyun, even spine, fu Sister three people living in a hospital became a patient.Anna overheard the road to the east told the four killers to go to the hospital to kill the injured qingyun, even spine and sister.Even after the spine woke up and found no heartbeat, a wild beat rescue fu mei, poor fu mei were beat flat, finally saved.The only doctor in this hospital wants lian Ji to be the attending doctor!When the four killers came to this even the security and sweep the floor of no one hospital, listening to the footsteps of the killer, fu sister leisurely told even the thorns is the hand of the road to the east.The corridor of the hospital is too long, lianji and Fu Mei Lao enough, the door with a bed support, and then jump off the building to escape.Two people fled to the edge of the cliff, injured two people are not the killer’s opponent, so two people jumped off the cliff.Why did I say again?The killer in the hospital to be abandoned qingyun when the killer was blocked by Anna, Anna kicked the killer long shirt flying knife, two killers will not go back to the head, what ghost?Is that all you have to do?Anna placed Qingyun in the legendary very safe black market doctor there.Back on the road to the east side of Anna, pipeline called father.WHAT?Anna’s the one who saw the light?But this father is really cruel, unlike their father, big mouth like a free son, fanned Anna’s head buzzing!Out to track Anna road to the east is flourishing found, hands hidden poison needle road to flourishing again, Anna shouted broken, flourishing also found is the road to the east has been using poison needle in control of her.Estimate that year crazy step world is also in the road of poison needle!Know how to use the current flourishing successfully prevent road kill, escape from tiger mouth flourishing said she remembered the past, and said Anna is her servant girl frost frost, Anna hesitated, did not refute.Which one of these two is Frost frost?Anna tell flourishing qingyun position, let flourishing to protect qingyun, oneself to find sister fine chicken.Flourishing told qingyun road east is behind the black hand, qingyun is not too shocked, is feeling the wrong person.Now even spine and fu mei whereabouts, qingyun injury has not been good, had to hide the injury to keep good again!Many in order to find the way to the east of evidence every day bright surveillance.Evening is alone came to the warehouse, not an accident was seized by the road, and do not have to interrogate their own confession!Found many missing night to ji effortlessly found many, even the door is not close.Sure enough, it’s a trap. Four killers again!Let’s see how Nightlife fights four killers!