Creation in progress: remarkable results!The old neighborhood has taken on a new look

2022-06-23 0 By

Jingzhou news news (reporter Lu Yan Li Qianqian) now, Jingzhou city national civilization city to create work is in full swing.Local governments are making all-out efforts to strengthen the static site construction and dynamic site control of creative works by benchmarking the National Civilized City Evaluation System and site inspection operation standards, which has achieved remarkable results.The reporter came to Jingzhou District Xicheng street, randomly into the old community, market and other key points around, see how grass-roots workers do.Steel window factory dormitory community in Jingzhou District Xicheng Street Sanyi street community.Reporters in the district to see, here the ground level, clean road, orderly parking vehicles, fitness equipment.But in the past, here is a dirty messy three without district.After environmental transformation and community management, the old community has taken on a new look.Reporters then went to the ying Du vegetable market not far away.I saw the market gate, Yingdu Road community five old volunteer service team members are cleaning the road.There is no denotation of the stalls around the vegetable market, and the vehicles are parked in an orderly fashion.In recent years, Xicheng Street has invested more than 500,000 yuan to improve the infrastructure construction of old residential areas.140 new parking Spaces for motor vehicles;There are 2 new small squares for residents’ activities and 33 centralized drying points.Improve the livable environment.Xicheng Street also actively creates a profound cultural atmosphere, and through various forms of publicity, improves the awareness rate and participation rate of the masses for cultural creation.