Adventure Seeker’s 30th Anniversary edition is here!

2022-06-23 0 By

Distinguished changan Ford owner: Hello!In order to thank more than 8 million explorers, Changan Ford released the Explorer “30th Anniversary edition” model, only 339,800 yuan!This model in the current explorer four-wheel drive fashion edition on the basis of the increase of limited edition exclusive kit, at the same time through the red and black collision burst out more dazzling light, blood and courage to give the Explorer “30th anniversary edition” more fierce appearance and more powerful will!There are more electric pedals, roof rack and other accessories worth more than 11,000 yuan from the original factory waiting for you to take yo ~ Explorer “30th anniversary edition” limited sale of 600 sets, hurry to the store experience!Ford Explorer was born in North America in 1990, and the sixth generation explorer was launched in China in 2020. So far, the global sales volume of Explorer has exceeded 8 million. In order to thank 8 million car owners, Changan Ford Global explorer 30th Anniversary Edition!Available in limited edition of 600 units, it features a unique limited edition exterior and interior kit with red exterior mirror cover, red fog light border trim, black bumper, black wheel hub, black 20-inch wheel rims, special edition badge, illuminated welcome pedals and more.It is also equipped with changan Ford original accessories :YAKIMA luggage rack, YAKIMA roof bar, electric foot pedal.