Twelve people are missing after a ferry fire off Greece

2022-06-22 0 By

Athens, February 19 (Xinhua)Twelve people are missing and 280 others have been rescued after a ferry caught fire off the Coast of Greece on Sunday, the Greek Maritime and Islands Policy Ministry said Sunday.The fire broke out in the Ionian sea near the Greek island of Corfu on Monday morning as the ferry, owned by the Italian Grimaldi Group, was sailing from the western Greek port of Igumenica to Brindisi.Video and pictures from the scene showed the ferry enveloped in flames and a cloud of smoke.Nearby boats and the Greek coast guard rushed to the scene after the fire broke out.Greece’s Maritime and Island Policy Ministry said Sunday that the captain had reported to the port of Igumenica that the ferry was carrying 239 passengers and 51 crew members.Two of the 280 rescued people who were not on the ferry’s list when it set off were safely transferred to Corfu.Twelve people are still missing.According to a grimaldi group press release, the fire first appeared in the no. 3 deck area of the ferry.No fuel leaks were found, and the ferry’s stability did not appear to have been affected.The Greek government said the cause of the fire had not yet been determined and that the ferry would be examined after it was towed to safety.Search and rescue efforts are still underway.(after)