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Hubei province has decided to implement electronic certificates of professional titles in the province to improve the quality and efficiency of government services in the field of professional titles, according to a notice on the implementation of electronic certificates of professional titles issued by the office of The Leading Group for Professional title Reform on Monday.Starting from 2021, all senior, middle and primary professional titles approved by relevant units in the province will be fully implemented.After the implementation of professional title electronic certificate, paper certificate will not be issued in principle.The issued paper certificate remains valid.If the original paper certificate needs to be reissued due to loss, damage, error in certificate information, etc., the electronic certificate shall be made and issued after checking and inputting relevant professional title information data according to procedures, and no paper certificate shall be issued.Title e-certificate (style).Title e-certificate (style).The electronic certificate of professional title has the same effect as the paper certificate, indicating that the holder has a corresponding professional title, which can be used as an effective certificate of professional and technical job appointment, post appointment or practice registration in our province.The electronic seal of “Special Seal for Professional Title Certificate of Hubei Department of Human Resources and Social Security” is used for professional title e-certificate in Hubei Province. The field of “approval unit” is set to reflect the professional title management authority. Hierarchical management is implemented according to the principle of “who approves, who is responsible for, and who explains”.Check Method: I can check, download and print the professional title certificate through hubei Government Affairs Service Network after registering and logging in with my real name.Relevant units or personnel can check the qr code of professional title e-certificate through the above channels or directly scan the qr code.The notice requires that professional and technical personnel should use the electronic certificates of professional titles strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, and forgery, tampering, certificate hanging and abuse are strictly prohibited. Those violations verified to be true will be recorded in the credit library of professional titles evaluation.If a crime is committed, relevant legal responsibilities shall be investigated according to law.▶ Who are the first group to apply for professional title e-certificates?The personnel who will be awarded professional title in 2021 will be the first batch of e-certificate handling objects in the province.Starting in 2022, those who apply for and receive professional titles through the Hubei Provincial Professional title Management Information System will automatically generate electronic certificates of professional titles through the system.▶ Why can’t someone find the e-cert in the first batch?The data sources of the first batch of e-certificates of professional and technical titles are: professional and technical personnel who have obtained senior professional titles through provincial, municipal (or prefectural) high assessment office in 2021, and professional and technical personnel who have obtained senior, middle and primary professional titles in 2021 who have been reported and approved by relevant professional title assessment committee through “data Acquisition system”.If the relevant data cannot be queried, there may be three reasons: First, the issuing procedure of relevant titles has not been completed;Second, relevant local and unit data has not been submitted in place, such as photo information missing;Third, the relevant data do not meet the requirements, the audit failed.Please consult professional title approval unit about specific circumstances.▶ If you already have a paper professional title certificate, can I apply for an e-certificate of professional title?This business will be carried out in stages and in batches according to the promotion of the second phase construction of the professional title management information system of our province and the relevant information mastered by the evaluation committee.▶ How to apply for correction if I find incorrect information about the professional title certificate?The individual or the unit he/she belongs to contact the professional title approval unit to apply for correction, and the professional title approval unit applies for modification to the provincial vocational reform office step by step according to the procedure.▶ What is e-Cert Replenishment?Why is e-Cert annotated?In order to prevent the professional title e-certificate from being used without the authorization of the holder, it is specially noted that the usage scenario and expiration date information are set on the professional title e-certificate to protect the rights and interests of the holder.▶ What should I pay attention to when applying for e-Cert Replenishment?Counting from the date when the holder applies for annotation, the same certificate can be effectively annotated once within 90 days, and the validity period is 90 days.A new application is required after the replenishment period.Check method of electronic certificate 1. Enter the item of “Examination of Professional and technical Title Certificate” through Hubei Government Affairs Service network after real-name authentication and login, and click “Handle online” to check the electronic certificate.2. According to the time of obtaining the professional title, enter the corresponding name, ID number and major under the page to query the electronic certificate information of professional title.Download and print mode of e-certificate Click the “Online application” option to obtain personal e-certificate of professional title (updated according to the opening progress of e-certificate).1. If there is professional title information in 2021 and later years, you can view the relevant information after logging in, and click “Generate Annotated Information”.Note The validity period is 90 days. The system prompts you to log in at an interval of one hour.3. 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