Anhui police issued a major alert

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Recently, a young Man from Jiangsu province in Cambodia was resold by an online fraud ring and “blood drawn for money” news spread online, causing concern.This morning in anhui province hit the management work of telecom network fraud crime news conference, the anhui province public security department to remind our young friends: migrant workers abroad through formal channels, please polish eyes, don’t be cheated by rhetoric and high returns, hoodwinked into criminal gangs, becoming an accomplice of criminals from the victim as a victimizer.In the conference, in view of some of the young migrant workers has been cheated to northern Burma to engage in fraud, provincial public security department relevant controller introduces, at present, overseas, especially in north myanmar to hide criminals in the name of the recruitment and so on, through the recruitment website, network platform to release advertisement, with a high salary as bait, to attract young people to work, is actually engaged in fraud crime.After going abroad, while participating in fraud crimes, these people were also restricted to their personal freedom, and were even beaten to injury, disability and death. Their life safety could not be guaranteed, and they had to be punished by law after returning to China.In the fraud case of Chen Moping handled by hefei Public Security Bureau, the police captured 62 people returning and took compulsory measures;In the case of Wang Jun and others who were suspected of organizing others to illegally cross the border and commit fraud handled by Bengbu Public Security Bureau, 1 overseas fraud hub was destroyed, 42 returned people were captured and 38 people were taken compulsory measures.In huainan City public Security Bureau handled the case of CAI Mou Hao and others defrauding and illegally crossing the border, a total of 55 returned people were captured, and 53 people were taken compulsory measures.According to the self-report of the returnees, most of them have the dream of making money and lucky psychology to sneak out of the country, to the overseas fraud dens not only do not earn money but personal freedom is limited, personality humiliation, regret, suffering.Anhui Province public Security department is telling the north Burma fraud dens of Anhui citizens: please immediately stop the crime, return to China as soon as possible, take the initiative to surrender to the public security organs, for leniency in accordance with the law, avoid the first day hide but 15!Public security organs at the same time to remind the majority of young friends: outbound workers please through formal channels, polished eyes, do not be rhetoric, high salary return by deception, be blinded and pulled into criminal gangs, become accomplices of criminals, from the victim to harm.In case of doubt, you can call the national unified anti-fraud hotline 96110 for consultation.News of a Young Chinese man in Cambodia who was raised by an online fraud ring to “draw blood and sell it for money” went viral online.It is reported that the boy is a native of Jiangsu province, in June 2021, someone introduced him to work in Guangxi, the result was kidnapped and sent to Cambodia.His blood was drawn seven times in six months after he refused to take part in online scams.The full text of the statement by the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia on October 16 is as follows:On February 12, the First Hospital of China and Cambodia reported to the Chinese Academy of Sciences that a Chinese man surnamed Li was admitted to the hospital. He was forced by criminal gangs to smuggle into Cambodia because he believed the false job advertisement on the local Internet. Later, he was detained illegally by the Chinese Internet gambling fraud gang in The Cambodian port of Sihanoukuk and was given large doses of blood for several times, and his life was in danger.After learning this, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia attached great importance to it and asked the hospital to spare no efforts to treat the patients.On February 15, after the victim’s physical condition improved, the police liaison officer of the Embassy and the staff of the China-Cambodia Law Enforcement Cooperation Office visited the victim in the First Hospital of China and Cambodia and investigated the situation.Earlier, in order to initiate the investigation as soon as possible, the Chinese Embassy notified the Cambodian Police Department, sihanoukville police department and Koh Kung Police Department of relevant clues, requesting the Cambodian police to attach great importance to the case and initiate the investigation.With the help of the Chinese Embassy, the Police of Sihanoukville province in Cambodia have officially registered the case. The police of China and Cambodia are working together to solve the case as soon as possible.Taking this opportunity, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia once again reminds Chinese citizens who want to work in Cambodia to follow the formal channels and not to believe the false advertisements of high-paying recruitment.If you are swindled, kidnapped or have your personal freedom restricted, you must report to the Cambodian police as soon as possible and inform the Embassy of the situation so that the police can file a case for investigation in time.