“Full time master” xing Xin’s achievement, can surpass jia Shi finally?New love is still no match for old love

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As we all know, Ye Xiu, the hero of The King’s Avatar, left his old club, Jiashi, to join Xingxin and win his fourth championship.Then xing Xin, as a new team created by Ye Xiu, is it possible to surpass Jia Shi to become another triple crown winner?In fact, it’s impossible.Although Jia Shi is Ye Xiu’s old love, although it abandoned Ye Xiu, but it still contains ye Xiu’s precious memories, it is also the irreplaceable triple Crown in Glory.The following detailed analysis, as follows: After Ye Xiu retired, Xing Xin strength cut Ye Xiu in Xing Xin champion immediately retired, Su Mu Orange instead of Ye Xiu xing Xin captain.Su Mu Orange strength is far inferior to Ye Xiu, whether it is command, operation, tactical execution and so on, Su Mu orange and “Glory” the first person Ye Xiu have a lot of gap.Xing Xin changed the captain after the strength greatly weakened, can win again is a question.In fact, Xing Xin can win the championship, Ye Xiu played a great role, without Ye Xiu in the field operation and command, Xing Xin want to beat reincarnation championship is impossible.Without ye Xiu, Xing Xin is very likely not the opponent of reincarnation, even micro grass are not necessarily played.Su Mu Orange according to the official data, operation, stability, outbreak, tactics are weaker than the cycle of captain Zhou Zekai one to two stars, without Ye Xiu Xing Xin no one is zhou Zekai’s opponent.Micro grass captain Wang Jiexi ability is also a comprehensive rolling su Mu orange, so xing Xin next season’s goal, not to consider to take a champion, but to consider first can and micro grass or reinsara play a 50/50.No club can duplicate the three in a row. Both The Grass team and the Samsara team crashed their cars on the way to the three in a row.Grass took the champion of the second year was blue rain halfway out to grab a champion, angry Wang Jiexi third year after the title or teeth itch.And Zhou Zekai’s samsara team two consecutive championship momentum is in full bloom, the third year was defeated by grassroots team Xing Xin, lost the extremely rare three consecutive championship opportunity.Xing Xin team not to mention, ye Xiu retired strength may not be able to take a champion.In other words, Jasse is now the only club in Glory to win three titles in a row.Even if Micrograss or Samsara can get another champion in the future, the number of champions is equal to Jiashi, but they are not a continuous victory, its symbolic significance is not jiashi.So not only is Xing Xin impossible to match Jiashi, but it is almost impossible for the rest of the glory league clubs to match Jiashi’s feat of winning three consecutive titles.Xing Xin’s team configuration, may not be able to support the triple crown Ye Xiu took Wu Xuefeng and a number of god teammates, in the “Glory” at the beginning of the unknown even cut three champions, and then Ye Xiu’s teammates will not endure, the old retirement, old enough to marry baby.And this group of xingxin rangers, not necessarily comparable to Ye Xiu’s former teammate Wu Xuefeng and others.Especially Tang Rou, although she is a rookie, she is also 23 years old, which is older in the professional rookie players of Glory. Wu Xuefeng was a little older than Wei Chen when he retired, only around 25 years old.And xing Xin ye Xiu retired, another veteran Wei Chen also retired.Although Wei Chen is not a good operator, he can play the role of elder brother and elder brother on the field, command and tactics are first-class.Without Wei Chen xingxin, it’s all up to a group of young men to run their own business. They may be overcast or educated by older players.The reason why We won three consecutive championships is because all the players started from the first season, everyone started from the same starting point.Xing Xin won the championship only in the 10th season, with a bunch of veterans and top players competing against it.Conclusion: Although Xing Xin is full of youth and vitality, it lacks backbone after Ye Xiu retired.After Wei Chen retired.it lacks veteran’s experience.Facing the fierce rivals such as Samara and Weicao, xing Xin wants to win the championship again, and even wants to equal Jiashi’s triple crown, it is more difficult than reaching the sky, what do you think?