“Should be checked, not leak one”!Wuxi issued the latest notice to strengthen nucleic acid testing

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Notice on Strengthening nucleic Acid Testing (No. 106) At present, there are multiple, widespread and frequent outbreaks of COVID-19 in China, and the risk of imported cases in neighboring areas continues to increase, putting unprecedented pressure on external prevention.In order to further implement the “four early” requirements, according to the needs of our city disease prevention and control, epidemic prevention and control command decision, from now on, in the city’s daily dynamic nucleic acid detection, the relevant matters notice is as follows: 1, according to the “one should check all inspection, no leakage” requirements, all kinds of key risk personnel should be in accordance with the relevant provisions frequency, actively carry out nucleic acid detection.① One inspection staff per day includes:Wholesale market, freight yard, logistics park, highway service area and check point, construction professionals, foreign city personnel more populated places practitioners, freight company by personnel, Courier, take-away member, fresh distribution personnel, collective dormitory administrator, sanitation workers and medical institutions all staff (preview triage, fever clinics, the isolation ward, sampling and detection of nucleic acid,Cleaning, security, emergency and non-emergency transport personnel), port front-line staff, imported cold chain food and goods practitioners, medical waste transportation and disposal and other key personnel.②2 days 1 inspector includes:Dining scene, two stand a a wharf and urban public transport (bus, subway, taxi, mesh about car, etc.) port of practitioners, the closed management of line workers, pension institutions, the child welfare agencies, lili clubs key personnel, and frequent into personnel intensive place (especially tin WaiShi personnel more places).(3) Schools at all levels and of all types in the city should carry out nucleic acid testing for all students in accordance with the requirement of not less than 20% every day to ensure full coverage within one week.Teachers, security guards, cleaning, school doctors, dormitory administrators, catering services, mail delivery and other key groups must be checked once a day.2. Two rounds of regional nucleic acid testing per week will be organized in batches within the urban area.3. People who enter key places such as wholesale markets, freight yards, construction sites, car camps, pension institutions, medical and health institutions, schools, labor-intensive enterprises and public places such as public transportation, commercial complexes, supermarkets and pharmacies must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.4. All localities should scientifically coordinate regional nucleic acid testing, optimize the setting of sampling sites, and provide convenient services.Departments of all trades shall guide and urge units under their jurisdiction to carry out nucleic acid testing and ensure that all tests are carried out to the full.All units shall carry out nucleic acid testing for employees and strictly examine negative nucleic acid testing certificates of out-of-town personnel.The general public should fulfill their legal obligations, take the initiative to participate in nucleic acid testing, and actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention measures.Those who fail to implement relevant regulations will be investigated and punished in accordance with laws and regulations.Nucleic acid testing is an effective means of precise prevention and control, as well as a line of defense for the general public to protect themselves.Only when everyone has the responsibility and the willingness to do so can we build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control and jointly protect the hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control.Contact number of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of each city (county) District Attached: Information of 24-hour nucleic acid testing medical institutions in Wuxi Attached: List of fever clinics in Wuxi Source: Released by Wuxi