In April these natural disasters may affect Hainan prevention suggestions please check

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New Hainan client, south China Sea network, Southern Metropolis Daily news on April 2 (reporter Yao Hao) heavy rain, qingming wind, meteorological drought…Recently, hainan Provincial Office of Natural disaster Prevention and Control, Provincial Disaster Reduction Office, Provincial Forest Prevention and Control Office, provincial Emergency Management Department, provincial Department of Natural Resources and Planning, provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, provincial Department of Water Affairs, provincial Meteorological Bureau, and provincial Marine Monitoring and Forecasting Center jointly carried out natural disaster risk assessment in April.Specific as follows: forecast forecast situation (1) meteorological disaster risk: it is rainstorm.It is expected that some parts of the northern and eastern parts of the island may be affected by small scale heavy rain, and the main precipitation period will occur in the early, middle and late parts of the early and late parts of the island.April 1 ~ 2 in the north, central and eastern parts of the local heavy rain to heavy rain.The second is qingming Wind.It is expected that due to the cold air, there may be a mild qingming wind in the northern half of the island.From April 1 to 2, the northern, eastern and central parts of the island will have obvious cooling and rainfall. The coastal land in the northern half of the island will be accompanied by strong winds of force 6 to 7. The temperature will drop significantly, with the lowest temperature dropping to 10-12 ℃ in the central part and 13-17 ℃ in the rest of the island.Third, meteorological drought.It is expected that the precipitation will be less than 20 to 50 percent in the western part of the island in April.Fourth, high temperature.It is expected that there will be temporary high temperature (daily maximum temperature above 35℃) in some parts of western inland and northern inland of our province in April.Fifth, strong winds at sea.From April 1 to 3, the sea surface of Beibu Gulf, the sea surface of the west and east of the main islands, the sea surface of Xisha and Zhongsha Islands, the wind force of force 6 to 7, gusts up to force 8 to 9;Gusts up to Force 7 over Qiongzhou Strait, south of The Island and nansha Islands.From April 4 to 5, winds of force 6 to force 7 and gusts of force 8 will be reported over the waters east of the island and near Xisha and Zhongsha Islands.Gusts of force 6 to 7 over beibu Gulf, Qiongzhou Strait, west and south of Nansha Islands.(2) Marine disaster risk: It is expected that there will be 4 major wind and wave processes in April, and the influencing periods are mainly 1-5, 9-14, 18-23 and 26-27.From January 1 to 5, under the influence of a strong cold air, the bashi Channel and the northern, central and southern parts of the South China Sea will be affected by large waves of 2.5 to 5.0 meters.In other periods, there are mainly medium to big waves of 1.5m ~ 3.5m.(3) Forest fire insurance:April 1 ~ 4, and 6 ~ 7, sanya west, central and northeast, central and east, danzhou ChengMai south, the northern half of wuzhishan, north of lingshui TunChang west, northeast and east east, south and north, ledong, local anding southwest ChangJiang central, northern, southern and southeast part, high in the south, BaoTing, northeast and south QiongZhong most,The forest fire risk meteorological Rating for parts of baisha west, south and northeast is Level 3 (combustible).(4) Flood and drought disaster risk: as of March 28, the reservoir water storage capacity of the province was 5.534 billion cubic meters, accounting for 65.6% of the normal storage capacity, 17.0% more than the same period in many years.However, the water storage capacity of Songtao Reservoir is 1.824 billion cubic meters, 6.5% less than that of the same period in many years.The water storage capacity of Sanya, Wanning, Tunchang, Changjiang, Ledong and other cities and counties has been less than that of the same period in many years for three consecutive months this year. In particular, the water level of Shiliu reservoir in Changjiang County has been reduced for reinforcement. The water storage capacity of the reservoir in the whole county is only 48.0% of the normal capacity, 28.6% less than that of the same period in many years.(5) Geological disaster risk: it is expected that the risk of rainfall-induced geological disaster is small, but during the impact of rainstorm, attention should still be paid to the risk points such as Xiaoying Mountain in Changjiang County and the risk of collapse, landslide, debris flow and other sudden geological disaster caused by engineering construction and mining activities.Comprehensive risk analysis (a) affected by cold air, hainan will appear “qingming festival” wind and rain, sea winds, waves, such as impact process, the agricultural production, the seaside tourism, fishing operations at sea, the qiongzhou strait navigation cause adverse effects, such as in particular may result in litchi, mango, the fallen petal fruit drop booting, etc., and inhibit the growth of rice,Meanwhile, the epidemic prevention and control work will be adversely affected.(ii) It is the current fire prevention period, and there are frequent activities such as burning incense and offering sacrifices and burning lanterns. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to areas with high meteorological level of forest fire risk and forest fire risk caused by human factors, especially the forest fire risk in western China.(3) The rainfall in April is generally less in all parts of the province, but there may be a small scale rainstorm in some periods and areas, which may have adverse effects on traffic, qingming festival worship activities and engineering construction.Considering the uneven distribution of rainfall and water storage, the cities and counties with less water storage than the same period of many years and the cities and counties within the songtao Irrigation area should plan and guarantee agricultural water use in spring in advance.(IV) Alternating high temperature and low temperature weather in April, with large temperature variations in some periods, will adversely affect epidemic prevention and control work, and outdoor work and the weak people may be uncomfortable due to repeated weather changes.Prevention key points and suggestions (a) prevention of “Qingming wind” weather.First, the use of cover windbreak net, sunshade net, shed membrane and other ways to enhance the ability of crops to resist low temperature.The other is to spray growth regulators to improve crop resistance.The third is to do a good job in disease monitoring, selection of low-toxicity agents, disease control.(2) Guard against the influence of strong winds and waves at sea.First, we should pay close attention to the maritime weather forecast and take defensive measures against fishing boats operating at sea. In particular, fishing boats with low wind resistance should try to avoid the impact of strong winds or waves and return to port in time when necessary to ensure safety.The second is to strengthen the safety and navigation dispatching of qiongzhou Strait, timely release shipping and early warning information, guide the orderly travel of vehicles crossing the sea, and reasonably dredge the road traffic around the port.The third is to do a good job in the risk warning work of ships at sea, timely to the affected areas of fishing boats, merchant ships, passenger rolling ship warning prompt information.Fourth, take safety precautions for sea-related tourism projects and facilities, strengthen coastline inspection, and timely persuade tourists to leave dangerous areas.Fifth, timely reinforcement of floodgates, Marine aquaculture and other coastal facilities.(3) Guard against local rainstorm.First, all cities and counties pay close attention to the rainfall situation, prepare for defense, Haikou, Qionghai, Wanning, Wenchang, Ding ‘an, Chengmai, Qiongzhong, Tunchang and other cities and counties strengthen flood control measures, focusing on preventing local heavy rain.Second, strengthen the construction safety and flood control measures of the water conservancy projects under construction such as Maiwan, Tiantijiaotan, qiongnorthwest water supply, Sanya West water diversion and Baisha West water supply, and the reinforcement works for dangerous reservoirs in Changjiang, Ledong, Wanning, Qionghai and Danzhou, as well as other engineering projects.Measures should be taken to prevent and deal with sudden geological disasters such as high and steep slopes formed by engineering construction and cutting and breaking of houses during rainstorm.Third, make preparations for the prevention and response of tourist attractions, strengthen safety guidance for tourists, conduct a comprehensive investigation of tourist projects and facilities, and eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner.During the period of heavy rain or heavy rain, tourism projects involving high altitude and water will be closed as appropriate.Fourth, strengthen road traffic safety management, do a good job in road safety inspection and monitoring, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, implement flood-prevention measures for low-lying sections in advance, and strengthen traffic guidance.(4) Preventing forest fire risks.First, monitoring, early warning and prevention of forest fire risks will be carried out, and work related to forest fire prevention and control will be organized and deployed in a timely manner. Fire source control will be strengthened in areas with high meteorological level of forest fire risk.Two is to strengthen the qingming Festival before and after the publicity of forest fire protection and key areas of forest protection, inspection.Three is the maintenance of fire fighting equipment and equipment, prepare for emergency.5. Strengthen scientific use of water.First, make a reasonable water use plan in spring, arrange the reservoir to release water reasonably, allocate and utilize water resources scientifically, especially according to the irrigation water guarantee situation of Shilu reservoir in Changjiang County, make a water supply guarantee plan in advance.Second, to strengthen the publicity of water conservation, enhance the public’s awareness of water conservation and protection, do a good job of dynamic monitoring of crop drought, promote efficient water-saving irrigation technology, and promote water-saving and drought-resistant crops such as water-saving and drought-resistant rice and amphibious rice in dry land.Third, under the condition of ensuring the safety of reservoirs, the cities and counties with less water storage should strengthen the scientific operation of reservoirs and timely adopt artificial rainfall measures to increase the storage of reservoirs.(6) Strengthening publicity on disease prevention and control and preventing heat stroke.Strengthen health propaganda, scientific guide outdoor activity personnel and old, weak, children, patients pay attention to appropriate clothing, prevention of cold and respiratory diseases.During the high temperature, pay attention to outdoor epidemic prevention and other staff to prevent heat.Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: