How can there be such a thing as a queen in 2022?

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Truckers forced to get vaccinated at the Border between Canada and the United States, so truckers who didn’t want to get vaccinated from all parts of the country drove to Ottawa, the capital, with a huge crowd cheering along the way, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hid out at a secret location.Satan: Hey, what are you doing in my doorway?I’ll take you back in a few years. Not yet.Trudeau: It’s dangerous out there. Give me your place for 15 minutes, and I’m leaving.Satan: Did Russia invade Canada?Trudo: No, they probably want to fight Ukraine. The war is in Europe, and America is in the way.Satan: The Canadian army mutinied?Trudeau: No, I don’t think anyone would mutiny under me.Satan: Then why are you hiding?Trudeau: Dodge truck drivers.Satan: truckers don’t eat people. there are only a hundred thousand of them. you have an army to protect you. what are you afraid of?Trudeau: Tens of thousands of truckers came to Ottawa from all over the country, as far away as Vancouver on the west coast, a week’s drive, and Ottawa became truck city.Satan: Ha ha ha, a bunch of transformers scare you like this, no tanks, Canada 38 million people, what are you afraid of tens of thousands of people?Trudeau: Boss, it’s not about tens of thousands of people. People are supporting the truckers now. Ottawa has a population of over 1.3 million.Satan: Learn from America. On January 6th, 2021, demonstrators stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC. Then the military moved in and shot dead 4 demonstrators.Justin Trudeau: Boss, you may not be around for long. We are different in Canada than the United States.I have a governor-general sent by the Queen. I have to talk to the governor-general first, and the governor-General asks the Queen before I can move my troops. Even if it’s just a formality, it’s very troublesome.Satan: How are you so backward, it’s 2022, the French Revolution has been more than 200 years, Louis XVI guillotine has been more than 200 years, how do you still have a feudal creature like the queen.Justin Trudeau: I’m an elected prime minister. I don’t understand such profound questions.Satan: Then walk away with your tail between your legs. I won’t accept you. I don’t understand your elected prime minister hiding from the people.Trudeau: Boss, bend the rules. I haven’t figured out how to negotiate with the people.Satan: New Year’s day, don’t affect my mood, I really don’t want to accept you now.Trudeau: Christmas is long past, boss, if you remember wrong.Satan: I’m talking about Chinese New Year. It’s the year my brother Yan celebrates. The Empire State Building lights up.Justin Trudeau: Calm down, boss. Please give me some advice.Satan: I want to ask you to play dirty, say this incident is instiled by the Russians, transfer contradiction, 100 try 100 clever.Justin TruDEAU: Russia has been getting a little testy lately and trying to avoid it.Satan: How about transferring conflict to China? You’ve already played this game, and I’m still teaching you?Justin Trudeau: Last year, meng Wanzhou was released as a hot potato. Now, the Chinese people are also very angry. If they are not careful, they will cut off the wealth of our businessmen.Satan: The last time a mass grave was found on the site of an Indian boarding school with the bones of 751 children buried beneath it, it was you Canadians who killed them. Didn’t you blame the Pope?Trudeau: But it’s hard to pass on the Pope’s vaccination.Satan: I know what you’re trying to do. Now that Europe is opening up, when it’s over, you’ll allow everyone to run around without vaccinations, and the crisis will be over.But I don’t have room for you. Your queen’s ahead of you, okay?Trudeau: The boss wants me to stay a few more minutes, one minute underground, one day above ground.(This story is pure fiction)