Hanyang District of Wuhan city focuses on five fields and takes quality as the core to build “New Hanyang for living and Working”

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In 2021, With quality development as the core, Hanyang District of Wuhan city focuses on brand building, product quality, engineering quality, environmental quality and service quality to continuously improve the quality of the city, enhance people’s well-being and build a “new Hanyang suitable for living and working”.Last year, two enterprises in Hanyang District won the fourth “Hanyang Zao” Quality Award, realizing the “three breakthroughs” of increasing the award list from 1 to 2, adding the category selection of technical service industry, and awarding awards to sino-foreign joint ventures for the first time, giving full play to the leading role of “Hanyang Zao” quality Award.The products of 3 enterprises were selected into the identification voting of “Wuhan Famous Products”, leading enterprises to set up quality benchmark.A total of 22 enterprises from 5 industries applied for wuhan sme Quality Improvement service project, adding impetus to the quality development of smes.Standard and table, perfect “one-stop” quality service construction.Hanyang Economic Development Zone quality service station moved to Hanyang West Government Service Center, the quality service to the government service window, further increase the quality service for small and medium-sized enterprises.Huangjinkou Science and technology enterprise Incubation base quality service station to “three integration and three promotion”, polished the new name card of quality service.In the past year, the two quality service stations in Hanyang District participated in various quality activities such as service quality improvement, standard setting, measurement testing, and special equipment testing. They served 104 enterprises for more than 150 times, helped enterprises save more than 880,000 yuan and increased profits for enterprises by more than 1.3 million yuan.Adhering to the bottom line of quality and safety, we carried out sampling inspection of 1,965 batches of food, with a qualified rate of 97.5% and unqualified food verification and disposal rate of 100%.A total of 1185 cases have been reported in the annual safety monitoring of drug weaponization, and it was commended as “the unit with outstanding achievements in the monitoring and supervision of drug abuse and adverse reaction of drug weaponization”.Daily supervision and inspection of special equipment 3758 times, no special equipment safety accidents occurred in the year;The filing rate of enterprises with industrial product production license is 100%, the supervision rate is 100%, and the disposal rate of unqualified enterprises is 100%.Through video monitoring, environmental monitoring, online inspection, grid management, star ranking and other methods, the city takes the lead in realizing the “all-in-one” construction site management, and the attendance rate of construction project quality supervision is 100%.Hanyang District has been awarded the title of provincial Civilized City for 9 consecutive years, and its urban quality and ecological environment quality have been significantly improved.”Seven horizontal and seven vertical” backbone road network has been basically completed;Zhiyin Avenue, Yangsigang urban T platform construction started;The rate of good air quality and green coverage rate are in the forefront of the central city;The city takes the lead in the transformation of “three old”, the transformation of old residential areas, “two innovation and one management”, and the upgrading of farmers’ markets;The quality of sanitation in urban areas has been constantly improved, with all roads being clear and clean, and mechanized cleaning rates reaching over 95 percent.Administrative supervision and inspection of property service quality in 222 residential areas covered the whole year.The high-standard Hanyang District Government service Center and Hanyang District Western Government Service Center are the first urban area with two government service centers in the city.In the city to take the lead in promoting people’s livelihood approval items under the streets, into the community;Basically, enterprises and residents cannot work outside the park and the community.