Disney hopes fans can live in ‘happiest place on Earth’

2022-06-20 0 By

According to foreign media on February 18, Disneyland in California, the “happiest place on earth”, is preparing to build its own retirement town.The new town, called Cotino, is located on a 24-acre turquoise lake in California’s Coachella Valley.Disneyland said the “Fantasists” designed a desert community for the town to create magical effects.Josh D ‘Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, says the people of Cotino are part of Disney’s magical world.”We can’t wait to welcome willing residents to move to this beautiful and unique Disney neighborhood, where they can live life to the full and immerse themselves in great stories,” D ‘Amaro said.Covering 618 acres, Cortino can accommodate 1,900 families and has a dedicated community for older Disney fans over 55.”The Story of the Disney Imagineer is at the heart of everything,” said Michael Hundgen of Disney Imagineworks.We are committed to bringing beauty to real life and immersing residents in legends.There’s also incredible natural beauty in the small town of Cotino, and when you get into it you understand why Walt Disney ran off to the desert to fulfill his dream.”White Disney used the desert as an oasis of creativity, and now Disneyland likes the idea of future residents using The town of Cotino as an oasis of creativity.Disney fans can buy real estate, single-family homes or condos in What Disney calls a “master-planned residential community.”There will also be a beach club, parks and town center with shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as a 400-room hotel for tourists.Disney said it wanted to “find new ways to make magic” and that the town would be a brand new Disneyland.