Xi County public Security bureau closely staring at the three key security line

2022-06-19 0 By

Around the Spring Festival, The Public Security Bureau of Xixian County, Henan Province, based on the actual work, took the “safe protection” special action as the carrier, focused on the three key points of early warning, patrol and supervision, fought the “three battles”, and made every effort to maintain the stability of the political and social situation in the area.With early warning as the key, China has upgraded the mode of “deterrence + defusing” to fight a protracted war for stability.Strengthen risk perception, and comprehensively apply the measures of “online inspection + on-site verification” and “source control + dynamic monitoring” to achieve timely early warning;In view of the fact that there are many disputes at the end of the year, such as asking for salary, asking for debt and affection between men and women, we organized community police and auxiliary police of “one village, one police company” to carry out household visits, in-depth investigation and collection of all kinds of unstable factors in the area, and timely dredging and resolving with villages and towns to resolutely prevent realistic harm;In accordance with the requirements of “one person, one gear”, we will fully grasp the specific demands, and solve the problem in time.With patrol as the focus, we will optimize the mode of “attack + prevention” and fight a tough battle against crimes.Set up patrol points in a scientific way, invest sufficient police resources to carry out patrols every day, constantly improve the police detection rate and the charge rate of road surface, strengthen the inspection of key areas and key periods of time around the location and time when cases occur frequently in the jurisdiction, and improve the sense of security of the people.Further comb platoon touch, targeted rectification of yellow gambling and other social ugly scene, effectively purify social security environment;To the crime of money as the focus, the concentration of police, resources and means, to achieve fast detection and quick break, pay attention to the people’s livelihood hot spots, combined with the fight against the governance of telecommunications network fraud crime “cut card” action, comprehensive publicity and prevention of telecom network fraud crime special action, increase the propaganda and prevention of telecom network fraud, to reduce the case.On the basis of supervision, we will deepen the mode of “rectification + control” and make a good battle for security.Strengthen the control and control of civil explosive products, carry out blanket investigation of civil explosive enterprises, refueling stations and other key enterprises and key positions, promote the implementation of the main responsibility of the unit, and make every effort to eliminate dangerous security risks.We will focus on hotels, Internet cafes and other places, and strengthen inspections and rectification in conjunction with epidemic prevention and control.Together with the fire department to the area of hotels, places, rental houses and other special fire investigation, vigorously carry out the control of fire hazards in caigang room, strictly implement the fire safety responsibility of enterprises, places, industries, rental houses, rectification of all kinds of fire safety hazards.