S26 omnipotent warrior born, sling Arthur, crushing Cheng Bite gold, equipment after forming invincible hands

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Hello, everyone!I’m Lao Zhang.In King of Glory, how do we define the strength and weakness of a hero?Take Li Xin for example, his output ability can be described as the scraping master of the current season, but he can play high physical damage through the player’s operation ability, becoming a nightmare of countless brittle skin.Then there is Chang ‘e, who relies heavily on Lanliang, but few people online can directly suppress her, and even are often killed by her amazing tanks and high bursts.Also today, S26 all-round warrior was born, sling Arthur, crush Cheng Bite gold, after the equipment molding invincible hand again.To say the warrior hero of all, in addition to Xiahou Dun is Arthur, with super adaptability so that he became the first choice for the passers-by.Whether it’s on the wing, in the field or in support, Arthur always finds the right outfit and the right way to play, and it’s all with great intensity.The reason why Arthur is so popular is obvious. First of all, he has a very short skill CD, and can even reach a no gap period in the late stage, which makes him better at turning lines.The second is a skill after the strengthening of the general attack can also be an instant burst, and cause silence effect, full operation ceiling.Cheng Bite gold as a seriously underestimated strength of the side hero, many players must feel that cheng bite gold early too chicken, it is easy to be targeted by the other side.Here I want to say easy to target is true, but chicken ribs is impossible, because Cheng Biting jin wants to develop, itself is full of passion and excitement.In the early stage, if we want to hit high damage, it means that we have to exchange health with each other, after all, the passive of Cheng Bite gold is the lower the damage, and the lower the health also means the lower the error tolerance rate.Therefore, if in the high section does not understand the cheng Bite gold players, or not recommended to take him to the points.I think many of you have not played baiqi until now. As a scupper in group warfare, Baiqi has a very scary attitude, AOE range damage and health regeneration ability.Its horrible attributes can ensure white, in the other five people under the fire can still remain invincible.While playing white, his passive effect and cheng Bite gold is also very similar, are low health gain high return.It is important to know that when you hit an opponent’s hero, you can gain 2% of the maximum health that has been lost. Generally speaking, the lower the health, the stronger the recovery effect, which is the key reason why you can’t hit the enemy’s hero.S26 omnipotent warrior born, sling Arthur, crush Cheng Bite gold, equipment after molding invincible hand, she is Charlotte.Perhaps many friends think Charlotte is too scrappy, but ask, online can directly suppress Charlotte’s heroes can have a few?In the full passive situation, when the gods come, she can also touch.Charlotte has all the attributes of a good warrior, acceleration, health recovery, flying, deceleration and consumption, here is to recommend charlotte’s entry preparation.After hitting the enemy target in a skill, it is decisive to join the two flash with big recruitment approach, so as to ensure that they can hit the next section of the strengthened general attack, the moment of the two flash will often hit the other side by surprise.So that’s all that Lao Zhang has brought to you in this issue. See you next time!I am Lao Zhang, a king of Glory fan, looking forward to your attention.