Party members and teachers have worked for 28 years to interpret the original aspiration

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From Monday to Friday, she goes out early and comes home late;On weekends, she communicates with teachers on the Internet.In class, she introduced games to make students fall in love with Chinese classes.She carefully designed exercises in each class, quickly tested students’ learning effect, and accurately understood students’ grasp of knowledge points.She is Ai Jing, class director of Grade 2 (1) in Beihu Primary School, Jianghan District, Wuhan, and director of “One hundred Excellent Classes” in Wuhan primary and secondary schools.”I didn’t do anything spectacular. I just did what an ordinary teacher should do.Do a line to love a line, since you have to do it well.”On March 29, ai Jing, a teacher with 28 years of teaching experience and 22 years of party experience, said in an interview with Jimu News reporters.The professional spirit of “love life, dedication and dedication” is perfectly interpreted in her.Take the students to play the game “worm” + “qing” is “dragonfly”, “gong” + “Chang” is “Zhang”……”Each card is a word, or side, that can be combined with different cards to make a different word.”When she taught first grade students how to read, She took them to make cards and play scrabble. “It’s fun, it’s fun, they love it, it expands the class and it’s easy for them to remember,” she said.In learning the text “little tadpole looking for mother”, the students went to the platform to perform, feel “ying”, “chase” and other verbs to bring different feelings, experience the use of verbs in the text skills.Best student on duty, best leader…The extreme news reporter found that there were quite a few small positions in the two (1) class, and the children did their duty in each position.Ai Jing said that in normal teaching, teachers only think about “golden ideas”, in order to achieve the best effect of education.”In 2020, the Central Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization Construction decided to award 641 schools the title of National Civilized Campus, among which Beihu Primary School was awarded the title.”Li Xuemei, vice principal of Beihu Primary School, said that there are a number of teachers like Ai Jing in the school, who influence children with their words and deeds, teach them wisdom, let them know how to share, civilized and self-disciplined, and learn the spirit of teamwork.From Monday to Friday, Miss Ai Jing goes out early and comes home late every day. On weekends, she communicates with teachers on the Internet about her teaching experience.”After the double reduction, teachers have a heavier burden on their shoulders.But to reduce students’ burden and improve classroom efficiency, teachers need to spend more time on teaching and research.”Ai Jing said that the seminar, she and Jin Jieyi teacher, Hu GUI teacher three each on a demonstration class.”Such seminars are held regularly and teachers are encouraged to dig into classroom teaching.”Li Xuemei, vice principal of Beihu Primary School, said that Ai Jing worked hard and set an example.Ai Jing told reporters that every job is an opportunity to show your talent and you must do it thoroughly with dedication.Because of this, Aijing gets along well with her superiors, colleagues and students.Now, In addition to serving as the Chinese teacher and head teacher of a class, Ai Jing also serves as the leader of the Chinese lesson preparation group of the second grade.In teaching, she studied the textbook, prepared the lesson carefully, prepared the lesson carefully, and improved the teaching method constantly.Strive to forty minutes to the quality of class time, seriously correcting students’ homework, achieved a good teaching effect.The reporter learned that Ai Jing has won the silver award, the Best Teaching Effect Award, the Teaching Innovation Award and the Best Teaching Reflection Award (Chinese) in the Jianghan District Primary School Teacher professional Quality Competition.Party member teacher to do a good job to help take “I regard a party member teacher, my beginning heart is below party flag clank zheng oath, my mission is to stand on the rostrum both teach and educate people.”Ai Jing has been in the Party for 22 years. In practical work, she stays true to her original aspiration and keeps her mission firmly in mind. She does a solid job in all kinds of work, gives full play to the leading and exemplary role of communist party members and cultivates every student well.The reporter learned that Ai Jing’s teaching open class has been repeatedly displayed in the teaching seminar activities of Beihu Primary School.As the leader of the Second grade Chinese lesson preparation group, she has served as the guidance and teaching work of many young teachers. Through passing, helping and leading, she plays a leading and exemplary role and learns from each other’s strengths and grows together with the young teachers.The growth of a school is inseparable from a group of excellent teachers.In recent years, Beihu Primary School has won a series of honors, such as the first Batch of Wuhan Quality-oriented Education Characteristic School, the first batch of Wuhan Mass Satisfaction primary and Secondary school, Wuhan Civilized Unit, national Civilized Campus, etc., which has made remarkable achievements, making an ordinary school at the doorstep of citizens become a high-quality school in Jianghan District.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: