Listen to the deeds of Qunying, draw forward momentum!

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A special program on the construction of spiritual civilization in Guangdong province, sponsored by the Committee of Spiritual Civilization construction of Guangdong Province and undertaken by the Publicity Department of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, The Civilization Office of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Radio and TV station, will be broadcast on Guangdong TV at 19:30 on February 3 (the third day of the Chinese New Year).Program premiere, “Guangdong province spiritual civilization construction group of heroes” interactive H5 took the lead in the whole network online.H5 takes the song “Meet Civilization” as the background music, which is also the original theme song for the construction of spiritual civilization in Guangdong Province in this special program.Songs in my ears, stories in my heart.Users can click into the details page, watch “media broadcast”, “character interview”, “sitcom”, “song and dance drama” and other wonderful videos, learn advanced typical spiritual strength.Huang Xuhua, Peng Shilu, Lu Yonggen, Mai Xiande, Li Yuzhi, Zhong Nanshan, Lu Jianxin, Lai Xuanzhi, Zhang Yingying, Yang Wanji, Dong Shumeng, Dongshen Water Supply Project builders group……Advanced representative with original intention and hard work, light up the light of civilization.TV Premiere: Guangdong SATELLITE TV, February 3 (the third day of the Chinese New Year) 19:30 replay: Guangdong Satellite TV, February 13 22:30 Network watch: Electric shock news,, Yue Listen, “learning power” APP, Guangdong SATELLITE TV video number, Weibo number, Douyin number cable TV on-demand:Hd interactive platform of Guangdong Radio and Television Network — live recommendation, SOURCE of G guide of Guangdong Radio and Television Network/special program of Guangdong Spiritual Civilization Construction of “Great Beauty of Southern Guangdong · Be civilized in the New Era”